The voyeurs: film summary and ending explained – It’s sensational but not moral enough

Voyeurs are people who snoop or spy on other people’s private lives without their permission.

However, in the 21st century, the only private thing in our lives is our intimate relationships or our lives within the four walls. This movie follows a couple who peep into a married couple’s apartment and start fantasising about it. What follows is a lesson on morality garnished with a few twists and turns to make the fable enjoyable.

Michael Mohan’s erotic thriller derives its basic premise from 2012’s Hitchcock’s rear window directed by Joe Wright. While taking inspiration is not a critical issue in storytelling but having a twisted ideology is. Mohan’s written film is sensational but not moral enough. It’s pure entertainment, and I hope viewers will perceive it that way.

This film’s plot summary; a background musical score artist(Justice Smith) and his girlfriend Peppa(Sydney Sweeny), a trainee ophthalmologist at elliptique, move into their dream apartment in Montreal. at their first night, Thomas and Peppa discover their window looks directly into the opposite apartment. Getting a clear field of vision of their neighbours’ private lives, they quickly become fascinated, which becomes a full time stalking after giving them nicknames Margot & I.

A conscious Thomas understands that things are getting creepy and thus they need to halt their actions, but Peppa has become addicted.

Coincidentally, Margot or Julia meets Peppa for an eye examination. The two women hit it right off, and Peppa realises their glamorous perfect romance is nothing but toxic and disdainful. Uncovering ‘I’, (Sebastian) is cheating on his partner with many models during erotic photoshoots. Peppa, in acts of Moral righteousness, tells Julia, and that is where the thrill of this two-hour film begins.

Mystery and Interest are two things that must never be lacked in a thriller, and The Voyeurs tick both boxes. But despite its sensational scenes, it doesn’t rub off its lack of in-depth morality exploration that it intends to initiate.

However, the climax and strength of The Voyeurs is not the plot, theme, nor good casting choice.

Instead, it is the plot twist and poetic ending that makes it worth the watch and recommendable.

Israel Olorunnisola is a freelance creative. When he is not writing about Film, Music, TV or Pop culture he is telling stories on Wattpad.