6 things you can learn from the Will Smith-Chris Rock Oscars

 Smith-Chris Rock Oscar Awards fight
Smith-Chris Rock Oscar Awards fight

The internet has gone wild due to Will Smith slapping, but we took this opportunity to learn some life lessons, Will Smith, on the other hand, will hit host Chris Rock on stage at the Oscars on Sunday, March 27, 2022, at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles.
When Hollywood actor Will Smith stood up and slapped comedian Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars, it seemed like a dream.
Chris Rock just said, “Jada, I love you. G.I Jane Part 2, I can’t wait. ”Will just laughed a little as he turned to his wife, Jada, and saw the woman’s face wrinkle.
Then he shouted, “Put out my wife’s name, your damn mouth.” He then walked over to slap Chris Rock.
Both sides have apologized since the quarrel, but there are some lessons to be learned.
1. Not all jokes are funny – especially when we make fun of people’s insecurities
Have you ever made fun of someone, or did you call your friend fat, or did you just talk about having a big forehead? I was like that until I started losing friends. It is very insensitive to do this.
2. A man is bald and a woman is alopecic
One can only imagine that this is because many women tie their self-esteem to their hair and it seems unfair to lose it. Will felt his wife’s pain.
3. Do not resort to physical violence
A very important milestone in Will’s career was the fact that he slapped someone. Even the speech of the acceptor was colored by the details of the attack. The fact is that she abused another man and could therefore have been legally punished.
What if Chris hits back? It could have been a full-blown fight and they could have hurt themselves. We’re not in the wild west where things are settled in duel.
4. Don’t let people’s words dictate your actions
To let go of self-control, or to quit character because someone told us how to be a hesitant hothead. When someone says offensive things, it doesn’t hurt to be angry, but you can express your joy without fighting or shouting.
What if you are a woman or a child? Would the violence have been justified? It won’t get any better because a man has been hit.
5. Do not blame the *text muted*
Everyone quoted what another actor, Denzel Washington, told Will. Something about how the *text muted* comes for you when you are at the highest height. I rolled my eyes at this because it wasn’t the *text muted* who made the wrong decision, it was Will.
6. Most women want their husbands to protect their honor
The reality is that women all want a shiny armored knight and men want to be knights.
Most women applauded Will because he wanted the man to protect them and their families that way, and some men felt he could do it if someone hurt his wife. Someone said what happened to break the bias? Is a man who defends your honor the perpetuation of the patriarchal belief that a woman cannot defend herself?

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