A crew member handed Alec Baldwin a loaded gun

Alec Baldwin
Alec Baldwin


Court documents revealed that the film crew gave Alec Baldwin a loaded pistol and told him it was safe to use onset before the actor pulled the trigger and shot the cameraman on the set of a Western in New Mexico Assistant director Dave Halls told a New Mexico detective that he didn’t know the rifle was loaded with live ammunition.

“Cold pistol!” Halls shouted before handing him over to Baldwin, the Associated Press reported. Shouting “Cold weapons!” – a phrase used by film crews during the filming of the film using weapons or military equipment – Halls pointed out that these weapons are safe to use on set.

Unaware that the pistol was loaded, Baldwin fired, striking cameraman Galina Hutchins while Hutchins was wounded in the chest.

Film scriptwriter Mamie Mitchell said she was standing next to Hutchins when she was shot. “I ran out, called 911 and said, ‘Bring everyone, send everyone,” Mitchell told AP The film’s director Joel Sousa stood behind Hutchins’ back when Baldwin pulled the trigger, court documents say. He was injured, briefly hospitalized, and released.

The gun was one of three gunsmith Hannah Gutierrez installed on a cart near the wooden structure where the scene was supposed to be filmed, AP reported Investigators detailed the incident in a search warrant request to help them document the scene at Bonanza Creek Ranch near Santa Fe, where the shooting took place on Thursday afternoon, October 21.

According to the court document, Baldwin’s bloody suit was taken as evidence, as was the weapon that was fired Investigators also seized other rifle weapons and ammunition that were used in the film Rust, based on a story by Baldwin and Souza.

However, No immediate charges were filed, and Sheriff’s spokesman Juan Rios said 63-year-old Baldwin had been allowed to leave “He’s a free man,” Rios said Meanwhile, on Saturday, Baldwin visited the Hutchins memorial and was reportedly distraught over the incident.