Actress Patience Ozokwo disclosed why she not afraid of getting old

Actress Patience Ozokwo
Actress Patience Ozokwo

Famous Nigerian musician, fashion designer, gospel singer, and actress Patience Ozokwor (Mama G) declared that she is not afraid to look old and grow old stating that she considers her old age a blessing.

According to Ozokwo, she receives comments about her old age, but she is not worried about the recognition of people she stated that “When did old age stop being a blessing? People do their best to hide aging they feel good!

“I know my age and experience in working with full breasts, and I consider it a huge blessing. Comments like “now she looks so old”, “she’s suddenly old”, “she is not getting old”, “Yeah, Mom, what happened” make me smile.

“Aging is not unattractive or undesirable. Life is fleeting. Enjoy to the fullest the years you have been blessed. I’m not afraid to look/age. Life is fleeting. Enjoy the years you’ve been blessed with fully. I am not afraid to look/be old. I am not worried about being in an exclusive league or being validated by people’s opinions.
Respect the elderly.

Patience Ozokvor retired from active filmmaking and is currently an evangelist preaching the gospel of God. According to her, an angel appeared to her in a dream and said that God had said that she should stop her acting career and serve him. So she became an evangelist and began to preach the word of God.

Patience Ozokvor has won several film awards, including Best Actress of the Year at the African Magic Viewers Choice Awards and Best Supporting Actress at the 10th African Academy Awards Patience Ozokvor is currently one of the richest and most influential actresses in Nigeria, with an estimated fortune of $500,000.