Adesanya Knocks Costa Out In UFC Title

Adesanya Knocks Costa Out In UFC Title
Adesanya Knocks Costa Out In UFC Title



Adesanya Knocks Costa Out In UFC Title


Nigerian-born New Zealander Israel Adesanya silenced his opponent and critics on Sunday following a landslide victory in his UFC 253 middleweight title bout against Brazil’s Paulo Costa.

Adesanya and Costa spent months exchanging verbal blows, but when it came time to step into the Octagon at UFC 253, the only significant blows that landed were those of the middleweight champion.



After spending a full round beating Costa’s leading stage, Adesanya finished the challenger with punches in the second round of the main event at Fight Island in Abu Dhabi.

Adesanya’s strategy was evident from the start as he kept his distance and unloaded with kicks to Costa’s lead leg, alternating between outside kicks and knee kicks. When Adesanya landed,




Costa responded with taunts before attempting to cut the cage. But Adesanya’s footwork was on point, allowing her to slide away from any danger before resuming her leg attacks.

Costa looked to turn things around in Round 2, trying to push a bit more, but Adesanya continued to avoid exchanges and began mixing punches to the head.




A kick to the head from Adesanya opened a gash above Costa’s eye, and suddenly the taunting of the challenger stopped as he began to back away.

When Costa finally got his wish and the two began swapping in tight spaces, Adesanya landed a direct blow to Costa’s temple, sending him to the mat.

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Adesanya wasted no time following Costa to the ground, unleashing a brutal flurry of punches and forcing the referee to stop the action at the 3:59 mark of Round 2.