An overview of possible Level Up ships in BBNaija season 7

Level Up ships
Level Up ships


Even though there are no solid ships in the BBNaija Level Up House, conversations are popping here and there about who may like who, and the Level 2 House just happens to be rife with these conversations.

The most obvious of these conversations is about Beauty and Groovy’s bond which Amaka has an issue with. There also seem to be a few other eligible situationships that Ilebaye and Phyna were gracious enough to analyze.

Their conversation started around Pharmsavi and his affection for Christy O. They believe he just has to be serious to gain her attention since she was a reserved person. They spoke about how he was a good-looking guy but was often unserious. They went further to make jokes about his smile and how he just needed to tone things down.



The two then moved on to discuss Khalid who they believe has feelings for Daniella. However, they believe she has a crush on Kess, therefore, making some sort of awkward triangle.

Bryann was not left out in these conversations of ships as he spoke passionately to his fellow Housemates about wanting to see Diana again. He really wants to get to know her and would shed tears if he finds out she is with someone else.

We know Level 2 takes the cake for situationship conversations but the Level 1 Housemates are picking up on a few things as well. Bella and Sheggz have been on the lips of a lot of viewers who have seen the two grow over the past few days. Though the two have both spoken and agreed to take things slow, fans are predicting that they may just be the first official ship of the Season.

Hermes also had a conversation recently with Allysyn about his growing feelings for her. In a conversation with her, he said he supported her happiness and was attracted to her sexually. She then questioned him about what would happen outside the House with his other girlfriends. Who’s going to blame her for asking though?