…And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead – Millennium Actress Lyrics

Millennium Actress Lyrics By …And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead

(feat. Amanda Palmer)

Scenes from the life of our Millennium Actress
Photos framed up on the walls
People will stop her to ask for an autograph
Faces look up as she stares through the window
Wondering which way the rain will fall
Would you rather be someone that no one
Knows and no one cares about?
Cuts ever soft

The frames of the reel
Can’t save your face from
The shame you must feel
And even though you’re our Millennium Actress
All that you’ve acted in,
All that you love still belongs
To someone else but not you
The beasts that you ran from when you took to the country
Have found a new reason to hunt you down
The walls of your home won’t protect you from being caught now

Don’t let our demons divide us alone
The flowers have wilted, the tea has soured
Youwere always the one in the poster that I
Loved and I adored
Peer through the lens from the end of a rope
Hasn’t endeared me to this fake new world
You say you’re all actors, but have you learned how to act calm?
You think that I’m someone you feel that you know
Outside of my face in the photograph

The Millennium Actress that died
Long ago before you were born (long ago before you were born)
Don’t let the light
That bleeds through the film
Trick you to think that I’m here and I’m real
‘Cause even though I’m your Millennium Actress
All that I’ve acted in, all that I love still belongs
To someone else but not me (to someone else but not me)