AUGUST 08 – Y’all N****s Lyrics

Y’all N****s Lyrics By AUGUST 08

Y’all n***** think shit is sweet
Y’all n***** really be out here in love and shit
I mean, I’m happy for y’all, don’t get me wrong
I want it too
Y’all n***** have this idea that we’re supposed to be in love right now

Getting on with our lives, but how?
When we hardly even know ourselves
When were n***** going to tell us that mid twenties was all about getting to truly know yourself all over again
Getting to know yourself again even after figuring out that everyone will hurt you at some point in this lifetime
They never warned us about the feeling of constantly standing in the rain alone

Having to constantly remind myself that I cannot control everything
Struggling to silence my mind and find release ’cause at any moment I might explode
Y’all n***** don’t know what it’s like to have an inexhaustible heart
My shit is unable to be used up because my heart exists in abundance
It’s hard to be myself and live behind that
I just wonder sometimes what it is that I’m doing wrong
Where’s my love?