BBNaija 2021: Angel’s Week 5 Dairy Session With Big Brother

BBNaija 2021: Angel's Week 5 Dairy Session With Big Brother
BBNaija 2021: Angel’s Week 5 Dairy Session With Big Brother


Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) season 6 shine ya eye reality live show Angel’s Week 5 diary session with Big Brother (Biggie).

Angel’s Diary Session:

Angel says that she doesn’t think that the housemates deserved to be punished. She says the punishment choke die.

On what to do to avoid future punishment. She asked biggie if he has seen the set of people he put in the house, that they have coconut head and no matter how much you talk that it is only when they want to do stuff that they do it. She feels that they should be punished individually.

On her nominations: She nominated Queen and Michael. Queen because they are not that close and because she was beefing her because of Boma. And Michael because he was a safer choice for her. She likes a lot of people in the house and feels like she doesn’t have any emotional attachment to her in the house.

On the new HOH, Liquorose: She says she doesn’t expect anything from her and she feels she would do amazing if she puts her temper in check.

On the Veto Power: Angel thinks that her decision was very bad and that annoyed her, but not like bad annoyance and the thought of Cross going, is upsetting for her because he is sort of the only person that she has really clicked with. And she will still want him in the house. She says she can out anybody up as long as it’s not Cross.

Thoughts on her vhoice of deputy. She thinks that Saga is a good choice and he is just on his own with his baby Nini.

She also asked Biggie why Biggie decided to play a big prank on them, she says she almost had a stroke

In other news Big Brother introduced the BB Abeg Naira Menu

BBNaija Abeg Naira Menu
BBNaija Abeg Naira Menu

However Liquorose tells the housemates that they need to respect her as their HOH. That they don’t listen to her when she says stuff and it’s beginning to get to her.