BBNaija 2021: Cross Week 5 Diary Session With Big Brother (Biggie)

BBNaija 2021: Cross Week 5 Diary Session With Big Brother (Biggie)
BBNaija 2021: Cross Week 5 Diary Session With Big Brother (Biggie)


Big Brother Naija season 6 shine ya eye reality live show week 5 Cross diary session with Big Brother (Biggie)


Cross Dairy Session:

On living with 29 other people he says it’s been tough, complicated, admirable. He says it’s been mixed with different emotions and each of them have different attributes and they are all special, amazing and annoying in their own ways and so is he.

He says he is enjoying all of them and can point out one person he has issues communicating with. He says sometimes they act like animals and mad people and most times they behave like human beings but that’s what makes them humans. He has enjoyed every single one of them. He vibes with them, although not 200% but he is cool with them.

On changes he has made to help him cope with the living conditions, He says Patience. Because just this afternoon, he got into a confrontation with Maria and he was so mad. He says but once they say they are sorry, he let’s it go. He tells Biggie what transpired between himself and Maria.

He took bedsheets for JMK and Angel and Maria pulled up on him to demand for the bedsheets and he explained to her that it was for JMK and Angel and she came at him aggressively and was asking who it was for and when he got to the room, he came aggressively at him again and this upset him. She did this 4 times. He thought she was acting like a child. She apologized and he is good with her now.

He says he used to get really angry especially after he lost his dad,but he has worked on his anger and he is much better now. He says he has never lived with 19 people before.

On additional items to add to the abeg menu he says nobody has gone to do laundry since the abeg menu came about. He says it was so difficult to do laundry before, but now it’s empty. He says people are being stingy with their money.

He says he is not a kitchen person so he is cool with that. As for the gym and parties, he is cool with that as well and would definitely pay for both. He thinks the abeg menu is cool and it stops stealing, because people steal other housemates items from the freezer.

On additional items for the Abeg Menu he says sleeping… if any housemate sleep in the afternoon, they should pay money for sleeping. he says 1 hour is okay but some people take the pics and go 3 or 4 hours. He says that’s the only one that comes to mind but if he has others, he would let biggie knows. Biggie finds his suggestion interesting.

On the housemates he least trusts he says Maria. He says he does not trust her. He finds her manipulative and cunny. He says he is not sure if thats who she is but he would need to know her outside the house to be able to understand her well.

He says she gives alot of mixed signals and he cannot trust her. Plus she was the wildcard so he does not know how he feels about that. And maybe Tega because she is always trying to cause confusion. He says he does not trust her 100% based on this. For the guys, he doesn’t trust Pere because he seems like a very good actor.

He tells Biggie about the game lounge upstairs, that he always cleans it yet, he hasn’t experience the Executive lounge yet and would like to experience this or the HOH room but he says that’s no longer possible because he is up for eviction and may leave on Sunday.