BBNaija 2021: Jackie B Week 5 Diary Session With Big Brother (Biggie)

BBNaija 2021: Jackie B Week 5 Diary Session With Big Brother (Biggie)
BBNaija 2021: Jackie B Week 5 Diary Session With Big Brother (Biggie)

Big Brother Naija season 6 shine ya eye reality live show week 5 Jackie B. diary session with Big Brother (Biggie)

Jackie B Diary Session:

She feels she may have hurt Michael by being herself. Michael feels like she is purposely trying to withdraw from him. She agrees that she has actually been detached and that’s just how she is when she is with a guy. he has been sensing it and he says it has hurt his feelings. He has also been acting weird too.

Biggie asked if she has tried not detaching herself from him and she says she is not sure she wants to do that. She says they have gotten closer this week and she wants him to be patient with her.

She says she cannot attach herself because she does not know what his motives are yet and she is just watching him and trying to make sure that he is for real. He is a physical person and she is not and that is messing up with his head she tells Biggie that she cannot give him what she wants in the house.

On living with 19 other housemates: she says the experience is like nothing else she has ever experienced and even though she went to a boarding school but the experience is not the same. She said outside of the house she is only with her son and family or close friends and does not mingle as such. But in Biggie house, everybody is different and she sees new things everyday and sometimes it can be overwhelming.

She says is learning to deal with people and different characters and it can be really fascinating for her. She applauds Biggie on their selection of people. She thinks they are doing pretty well so far. She says emotions are rising now because it is the 5th week and the game has started for real.

On who the fascinating characters are: She says she does not mean fascinating in a bad way. Then she mentions Sammy. She says he is a character. There is Maria, Pere,Tega, Queen, White Money and they are all characters. She finds Maria fascinating. She also mentions Cross. She says they all do something that makes her wonder how special they all are.

On the Abeg Menu: She reminds Biggie that she has told him before that people were saving money for the rainy days. She says Biggie’s response made her comfortable and she spent her money last week,only for Biggie to introduce the menu. She said the menu is good but was surprised at the washing machine part, but she says it was good because people were washing anyhow.

She says the freezer own too shocked her. She thinks it’s a great idea but wishes that Biggie reduces the price a little bit. She thanks biggie for being generous with the abeg naira and has been giving them money.

On how much Abeg Naira she has: She says she has about 1200 abeg Naira. She says peace gave her 100 abeg Naira because she didn’t take her into the Executive lounge.

On additional items for the abeg menu: She says Biggie can add a video message from family, she says she would pay anything for a video from her family… she also says she would pay anything to stay in the HOH room. Or to pay to use the Executive lounge or to watch a movie.

On the housemate she least trusts: she says the question choke o… she says it is hard to trust anybody in the house and she doesn’t trust anyone 100% even if they are your friends. So she is learning not to trust anybody at all. She says if she is to name one person, she would mention Pere or Maria.

She thinks Maria is playing the game well and she would watch her back with Maria. She says she has been able to figure out Pere but with Maria, she is still trying to figure her out. As far as the game is concerned, she will keep her eyes open with Maria. She also says she think herself and Maria can be good friends outside the house.

She tells her son that she misses him and asked him not to play too much since he is resuming school soon and she cannot wait to see him.