BBNaija 2021: Jackie B. Week 6 Diary Session

BBNaija 2021: Jackie B. Week 6 Diary Session
BBNaija 2021: Jackie B. Week 6 Diary Session


Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) season 6 shine ya eye reality live show week 6 Jackie B. diary session with Big Brother (Biggie)

Jackie B Diary Session:

On how she has been enjoying the head of house (HOH) title: She says it is nice to have a partner, that it feels easier to manage and Jaypaul has also been of great help. And they have been working well together. She says she was a bit sick yesterday and she couldn’t have imagined doing this alone.

She definitely enjoys the immunity and her winnings and having her privacy upstairs and being her third time, it’s great to have privacy to herself and the shower too. She also enjoys talking to Biggie a bit more and she is hopeful that she would enjoy it again.

On who she will pick as a roommate: she says she would pick Michael because they have great conversations and he understands space plus he doesn’t snore too much too, so she would go with Michael.

Biggie asks if her choice will make other people uncomfortable: She thinks White Money will feel some type of way with her choice Biggie ask her why she feels this way: She says because White Money likes her a lot and even though he does not show it, he is only respecting Michael’s feelings.

On what she would like to buy with the bb tokens: She says she would like to buy a message from home bit she has just 600. She says she wants to hear her son’s voice or even see his face. That she misses him so much.

On her relationships in the house: she says that she clicked with some of the housemates pretty quickly and even called some bestie… she says from then to now, she feels like she cannot trust anybody in the house and maybe outside the house, she may be able to but for now, she doesn’t. She says the only person she could trust 100 percent was Sammy.

She says she sees everybody as people who she can toss away when she needs to… she says she doesn’t have any alliances, that she is all by herself and doesn’t want to be attached to anybody, on her damaged friendships: She said her friendship with Angel and one or two things she had done. The Michael ish and the keeping her sneakers issues.

She says she is big on respect and feels like she didn’t respect her. She was cool with Peace but not so much now and not for any particular reason… she says Sammie is the only friend she can say she has and trusts.
On life outside the house: on Pet names, she says her mum calls her treasure and it’s very personal to her, and people call her JB while her son calls her mommy.

On the inspiration around the Pet Name:  because it shows what she means to her and her mum thinks she is very special. She says she is her mum’s best friend. And she is very much invested in her life. She says it is also very spiritual and holds a lot of meaning.

However Jackie said her mum gave her a bible with an inscription on it and every time she remembers the note, she knows the word treasure means so much to her because the word was in Capital letters