BBNaija 2021: Jackie B’s Week 5 Dairy Session With Big Brother

BBNaija 2021: Jackie B's Week 5 Dairy Session With Big Brother
BBNaija 2021: Jackie B’s Week 5 Dairy Session With Big Brother


Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) season 6 shine ya eye reality live show week 5 Jackie B’s diary session with Big Brother (Biggie).

Jackie B’s Diary Session:

What to do to help the house avoid more punishment: She says she has been playing her part by telling people not to break the rules and telling them not to whisper to her. And she speaks up when she notices something. She thinks some people are used to whispering and would take a while to get used to not whispering.

On her nominations:

She nominated Angel and Pere. Pere because he is an instigator and she can do without an instigator in the house and she feels he is manipulative. She feels he likes to start drama and she doesn’t like drama. She said she would have nominated him in the second week if he wasn’t the wildcard.

Then as for Angel, Angel and she are cool and she’s still a cool girl and she did something to her that she didn’t like. She took her sneakers and she feels that she did it in a malicious manner. She went as far as trying to hide it. And she also feels like she is a manipulator. She says she can do without a malicious and manipulative person in the house.

What she expects from HOH. She says Liquorose is a sweet girl and she likes her. She says she is respectful, honest, and fun. The only thing is that she is the kind of person that can be swayed left and right and she said that herself and that can be her only setback because as a leader, you need to know how to stand your ground. But she says that she thinks that’s how she is. But she needs to be firm and assertive and just go for it. Jackie B says that she has a great support system in Saga.

On the HOH’s Veto power usage: Jackie B says that Biggie gave her no choice because she had to use the veto power one way or the other. That they all pray to be safe from nominations and the veto power… she says if Emmanuel wasn’t put up, that she would have saved Maria in a heartbeat.

She says Peace’s nomination shocked her and she feels that she would be nominated for the same reason Peace was nominated. She feels like it was only peace she could save from the list but the replacement shocked her because she felt she was going to replace Peace with JackieB because Liquorose was staring at her.

She can only hope that Cross survives it and she prays that Cross and Sammie who are her friends survives it On the HOH’s choice of deputy. She says that she doesn’t know how close they are but it didn’t surprise her. She thinks Liquorose is close to White Money, Emmanuel, and Maria and she feels she picked Saga because she wanted him and Nini to have some privacy. She says it was more like a nice gift to Saga.


In other news, Big Brother introduced the BB Abeg Naira Menu

BBNaija Abeg Naira Menu
BBNaija Abeg Naira Menu

However Liquorose tells the housemates that they need to respect her as their HOH. That they don’t listen to her when she says stuff and it’s beginning to get to her.