BBNaija 2021: JayPaul Week 5 Dairy Session With Big Brother (Biggie)

BBNaija 2021: JayPaul Week 5 Dairy Session With Big Brother (Biggie)
BBNaija 2021: JayPaul Week 5 Dairy Session With Big Brother (Biggie)


Big Brother Naija season 6 shine ya eye reality live show week 5 Jaypaul’s diary session with Big Brother (Biggie)


JayPaul’s Diary Session:

On coping with living with 19 housemates: I used to think I was a social butterfly but then living with 19 other people,it is hard and not as easy as I thought it would be. I felt I won’t be able to vibe with Pere in the beginning. He finds a way to keep his sanity and protects his personal space. He talks about Liquorose’s and Sammie’s altercation. He says he is scalling through and he is doing good.

On changes made to cope with Biggie’s rules: he has more patience and tries to understand people more. He says everybody is a superhero in their own story. He tries to listen more,  he tells Biggie about a day he tried to pitch his idea for a task to liquorose and she told him to sit down. He didn’t create a scene because he knew she was upset and they talked about it later. He has learnt,patience, understanding and keeping calm during stormy times.

On how much abeg Naira he has: he says he has 1600 so far. He says he is very rich.

On the Abeg Menu:

He says they are doing really good and it is nice that the menu came through and people were washing like 5 times a week and it has been curtailed now. He was also happy about the freezer because people were stealing chicken.

The gym also makes sense. As for the party,he wants to see how this party will be turned up, because people have paid and they wouldnlike to party well now. He thinks it should have been introduced earlier.

On additional items to add to the Abeg Menu: he begs biggie not to add anything again, he was scared that the salon will be there because he always tries to look food and if the salon is added, it will take up his money.

On housemates she least trusts: he says Pere and Maria. He says these two are both fantastic at their game. He says they play it so good. His trust level for Pere went all the way down. He sees him as an amazing player and a dangerous contestant.

He says Maria likes to twist everybody. She is not exactly on the same page with anybody. He sees both of them like Mr and Mrs Smith