BBNaija 2021: JMK Week 5 Dairy Session With Big Brother (Biggie)

BBNaija 2021: JMK Week 5 Dairy Session With Big Brother (Biggie)
BBNaija 2021: JMK Week 5 Dairy Session With Big Brother (Biggie)


Big Brother Naija season 6 shine ya eye reality live show week 5 JMKs diary session with Big Brother (Biggie)

JMK’s Diary Session: On her emotional exhaustion: she says she does not feel genuine love from most of the people here. And when one is going through somethings it affects you emotionally. They treat you differently and that was why she cried for a bit today. And she was already exhausted from the whole shenanigans that happened from the weekend.

I guess the punishment and the nominations She is affected by the whole ish emotionally. She says her friends don’t need her to cry before they know there is something wrong with her. She says she is emotionally drained and tired of crying. She says she brought tissue because biggie knows how to push her buttons, when biggie asked her why she brought tissue.

On coping with 19 other housemates in Biggie’s house: Biggie it’s not easy at all, but it’s not so bad. She said she knows how to read energies on people and knows what to do around the 19 people.

She says it feels normal and she doesn’t feel some kind of way. She said the first week was hell but now she is okay as long as they are not clustered in her space. Like people can be in the room but let her bed be, don’t scatter her bed. She says that there are disagreements during tasks and all but she just dey watch everybody.

She says she can be loud and lousy but in the grand scheme of things, she is a pretty laid-back person and doesn’t overstep her boundaries. She does not disrespect people and she doesn’t expect them to disrespect her.

On the Abeg Menu: Biggie it came as a shock or! I don’t know what we did wrong. She says normally that people would have been washing by now but nobody has since the introduction of the menu. She says it came as a shock but everybody knows that they have to do what they have to do and they do not have a choice.

On how much abeg Naira she has: Biggie, a person move my money oo (stole her money). She said she left her money on the bed and right now she has only the money Biggie gave them and has 630 Abeg Naira left.

On additional items to add to the Abeg Menu: hmmm, no item big brother. No item, please. We all like free things…  in fact, we want you to remove, like that washing machine.

On housemates she least trusts and why: she says definitely, Maria. Because she has heard her interactions and has experienced some of her interactions and what happened was the total opposite of what happened. She spoke to Angel about it and Angel confirms that that’s how she is and they know her for that already. Angel tells her that she doesn’t get angry at certain things Maria does because that’s how Maria is.

JMK tells Biggie about her yesterday’s task and her winnings. And she is glad that she has been part of the winning team so far. She says for some weird reason, being up for eviction was a convenient choice but she hasn’t been able to process her emotions and she is just taking it as it is. She really wants to stay longer in Biggie’s house but she will be grateful if she leaves.

She says she is a child of grace and she knows good things will still come her way. Regardless of it all, she is grateful to be here. She says she knows her mum and friends are worried as he’ll but she wants to tell them that she is fine and tells her not to worry and in no time, she would walk again