BBNaija 2021: Liquorose Week 5 Dairy Session With Big Brother (Biggie)

BBNaija 2021: Liquorose Week 5 Dairy Session With Big Brother (Biggie)
BBNaija 2021: Liquorose Week 5 Dairy Session With Big Brother (Biggie)

Big Brother Naija season 6 shine ya eye reality live show week 5 head of house Liquorose diary session with Big Brother (Biggie)

Liquorose Diary Session:

On being head of house: She has been looking forward to this title and it finally came to her. She feels great about it.

On living with 19 other housemates she says the experience is crazy in a good way. She was never the type to coexist with people and not get bored or keep to herself or feel different from others. She came into the house and started talking to people and connecting. She says she is coexisting well. It gives her chills that they are still 19 people in the house and she’s wondering what’s going on.

On changes made to cope with Biggie’s rules: She has learnt how to clean up after herself immediately and also learnt how to work together as a team. She also understand that they are all guests there and have to abide by Biggie’s rules.

She has also learnt to prepare her mind for the worst. She says she has been working out everyday without backing out and she is glad about that and she has lost some pounds and some of her clothes fit better now.

She says there is something about this house that makes you do unexpected things and wonder why you say or do some certain things. She says she is more disciplined now, On how much abeg Naira she has: she says 2050 abeg Naira.

On the Abeg Menu:

she says the way the house is handling the abeg menu is quite shocking… she says she didn’t know that the house could be this obedient to rules. She says now, people can wash manually for some abeg Naira money. She is surprised that everybody is handling it this good.

She says she herself haven’t opened the freezer since the introduction of the abeg menu. Now they know the worth and value of things in the house. Now people dont sleep in the gym anymore.

She is shocked that everybody actually paid for their services upfront. She says now, she piles up her clothes before washing… she says Biggie has created job opportunities for his guests, because people now offer tk wash manually for a fee.

On additional items to add to the Abeg Menu: she begs biggie not to add any other thing. She says some of the housemates were expecting Biggie to add this particular one about the salon, people just comes there to gist and talk and not allowing people that actually want to make their hair do their hair. She begs biggie not to add it but if he is to add, then this should be it.

On housemates she least trusts:

she says Peace. She says there is nothing but she least trust Peace. She attributes this to not having a conversation with her yet. She thinks that she has this clique and then next minute, it’s different. She said during Maria’s reign, people were doing all sorts to please Maria. She feels Maria is playing the game well and has it all figured out.

Then about Cross and JMK, she tells Biggie that JMK has been in pains and tears all morning till now. Cross also left his work out gloves this morning at the arena.