BBNaija 2021: Micheal’s Week 5 Dairy Session With Big Brother

BBNaija 2021: Micheal's Week 5 Dairy Session With Big Brother
BBNaija 2021: Micheal’s Week 5 Dairy Session With Big Brother


Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) season 6 shine ya eye reality live show week 5 Micheal’s  diary session with Big Brother (Biggie).


Micheal’s Diary Session:

On his nominations: he says he nominated JMK and Angel. Angel because when he was looking at other housemates, he thinks Angel is cool but she doesn’t really participate in the general activities of the day. He sights some examples like falling asleep on tasks and coming late to meetings.

As for JMK, it is almost the same thing as Angel but it seems like she is stepping up her game. It just seemed like she didn’t really want to be in the game and those two were bottom list for him.

On the HOH: He expects a fantastic week, high energy, diligence, fun mood… he says it started kinda low but its picking up.

On the HOH’s Veto power: he thinks she was in a tough position to make that decision. He gives a shout out to all the other housemates because it cannot be easy for them, especially exercising the veto power ish. He says he cannot say that he agrees with her decision because Cross is his guy, but it’s her decision to make and it cannot be easy for her.

On her choice of deputy: he thinks I’m he’s a good choice. That he participates well in tasks, although he wasn’t expecting him to be chosen but when he was chosen, he reasoned it and felt it was a good choice.

He says he is grateful for the opportunity to be on the show. He says Ebuka made a very interesting point and he has been more focused on the goings in the house. because his first few days, he was one leg in and one leg out but now, it is completely different. he is appreciative to be in Biggie’s house.


In other news Big Brother introduced the BB Abeg Naira Menu

BBNaija Abeg Naira Menu
BBNaija Abeg Naira Menu

However Liquorose tells the housemates that they need to respect her as their HOH. That they don’t listen to her when she says stuff and it’s beginning to get to her.