BBNaija 2021: Reasons Why Jackie B Got Angry With Michael

BBNaija 2021: Reasons Why Jackie B Got Angry With Michael
Reasons Why Jackie B Got Angry With Michael


Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) season 6 shine ya eye reality live show housemates Jackie B. has been giving Michael the alleged male housemate whom she found attractive.

So apparently, Jackie B has been giving Angel and Michael an attitude and avoiding, well, not talking to them, Angel and Michael talk about it… Angel is frankly just confused about her attitude towards her.. she tells Michael that she calls Jackie her bestie, and as a friend, she should have come to meet her to talk about whatever issues she was feeling about the whole flirting stuff between herself and Michael.

Angel also says that her flirting with him is not that deep. She also tells Michael about the discussion that they (herself and Jackie B) had in the garden, about all the reasons why Jackie could not be with Michael, and all of that. So she didn’t think she felt that deeply for him, enough to warrant the kind of attitude that she is getting from her.

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Angel is of the opinion that Jackie sees her as a threat or competition because she strongly believes that all would have been cool if it were to be and other girl and not her. Angel goes ahead to say that, if she had wanted something with him then, that she would have made her move but she didn’t.

Angel said: Jackie is acting upon something that’s not that deep to either one of them and it’s unnecessary and could have been avoided by simply having a conversation.

She clearly had the conversation with her by asking her how she feels about Michael and whether she sees herself having something serious with him but Jackie B wasn’t coming clean. She’s not even sure what she wants with Michael. Just attachment. So why can’t she include him in her flirt list?

So Pere asked why he has seen her with Michael today and she says that she is giving him space and she has come to the conclusion that she does not want the relationship status in the house and that being with him is bringing her a lot of disrespect which she doesn’t like.

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She also tells Pere that she feels Angel likes Michael and she is not ready to get into that whole mix They also mention something about 2 people that have been having s3x constantly in the house. Jackie B but Pere said it wasn’t Peace, that it was someone else. He does not mention who.

What does Delight Blog think about these issues?
Both of them are not good friend to each other…. but I am surprised at angel Sha,thought she was this chick that said she value friendship..making a move on Micheal and expect her to be cool and talk to you about it..if she can do that, she can do more..even if Micheal and Jackie b did not have anything going on yet..
She discusses him with you keep her space to conclude her mind about him inside you trying to jump right into his arm with the slightest opportunity you have and has for Jackie b I expected much more from her as a mother and I like how matured she carries herself, move on it is a game you don’t have to have a friend or boyfriend in the house.