Bbnaija 2021 Registration Guideline Eligibility And Requirements



Bbnaija 2021 Registration Guideline Eligibility  And Requirements
Bbnaija 2021 Registration Guideline Eligibility And Requirements


Registration Guideline

  1. If the producers select you for the next phase of the auditions, you should take advantage of a possible video interview.
  2. If you are selected for the next phase, we will contact you by email. Make sure your email address is correct and check your email to see if it qualifies.




  1. All selected applicants will be contacted by email. If you do not receive an email by the date, you have not been selected.
  2. If selected by the Producer for an interview in the Semifinals, he must be willing to travel to Lagos at the time scheduled by the Producer in his sole discretion for the final selection process. The Producer will organize and pay for budget travel and hotel accommodation.





  1. You must be willing to live in Big Brother Naija’s house located in Lagos with about a dozen or more strangers where you will have little to no privacy. If you are chosen to live in the home, it is your responsibility to make the necessary arrangements with your employer and family prior to your extended absence.






  1. The home is extensively equipped with video and audio recording devices that will record, broadcast, and display your actions and voice at all times, twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week in each room and space. from home during the duration of your participation in the contest. The Producer will observe it at all times, as well as the general public who see it on television, the Internet, mobile devices, and any other medium.




  1. One entrant will receive the grand prize (subject to change at the Producer and/or Announcer’s discretion).
  2. He must be at least 21 years old by June 1, 2021.
  3. You must be a Nigerian citizen or permanent resident of Nigeria as of June 1, 2021, and be in possession of a valid identity document. He must be in excellent physical and mental health.






  1. If you are selected to be interviewed, you may be given, and must complete and return (prior to the date of your personal interview in Lagos), any additional application materials (including but not limited to additional health and psychological questionnaires) or documents (such as your birth certificate, passport, and/or other identification), as well as a medical history form.




  1. If you are selected as a Semifinalist, you must complete the Participant Form Package, which will be provided to you by the Producer and will include, among others: Participant Agreement and Release, psychological and medical evaluations (including blood and urine tests), confidentiality agreement (including those of your immediate family members),
  2. caretaker agreement and other additional information required by the Producer. You must also undergo physical and psychological examinations by grower-selected medical professionals in Producer-selected Lagos and meet all physical and psychological requirements.






  1. By applying to participate in Big Brother Naija, you authorize the Producer to conduct civil, criminal, and other background checks that the Producer deems necessary.

Employees, officers, directors, and agents of _________, any sponsor of the Program or a contest or award related thereto, and/or any of their respective licensees, assignees, parents, affiliated companies and subsidiaries, and the immediate family (spouse, mother, parent, sister, brother, daughter or son, regardless of where they live) or members of their own households (related or not) of such employees, officers, directors, and agents are not eligible to be participants in Big Brother Naija or participate in the process of request.





Follow the simple steps below to apply for the Big Brother auditions:

Step 1. Make a video of yourself and save it on your computer or mobile device before starting your application.

Step 2. Submit your video for assessment.






Video Overview

This is your streaming video and it must strictly adhere to the following guidelines:


The producers of Big Brother Naija are looking for a dynamic group of people who are articulate, interesting, and who show enthusiasm for the project, as well as the willingness to share their most private thoughts in an open forum of strangers. This group of people, while meeting the technical requirements of the program, must also have the physical, psychological and mental capacity to endure approximately 100 days in a monitored house under extraordinary conditions.

  • The video must have a maximum duration of 2 minutes.
  • The maximum 2-minute video should end with you completing the sentence “I’d be a perfect roommate because.”
  • The video must contain your name, email, and phone number clearly indicated.
  • Avoid all kinds of filters, video special effects, copyrighted music, and background music.





Video Tips


  1. Be yourself! We want to know who you are as a person. How will your life experience help you win Big Brother? How will you interact with the other housemates? When describing yourself, remember to cite real-life examples. We love a good story!
  2. Making a casting video isn’t about putting together the best parody or wearing the most outrageous costumes. We are looking for real people and we want to see the real you.




  1. If you come from a unique region or area of ​​the country, talk about where you are from, how it’s part of your personality, or how it can help you do well in Big Brother. If you have an interesting job, talk about your job and how those skills can help you win the program.
  2. Keep the camera steady.
  3. If you shoot indoors, be sure to shoot in a well-lit room with lights in front of you to illuminate your face.
  4. Shoot during the day so we can see you instead of trying to see you in the dark. Speak loud and clear. Find a relatively quiet area to record your video so that ambient noises are not distracting from what you are saying.




  1. Your video may be displayed on a television. Record your video as you would watch it on television.
  2. Shoot in landscape (horizontal) and non-portrait (vertical) style.
  3. Unfortunately, we will not be able to verify that we have received your request.

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