BBNaija 2021: Week 4 Diary Session With Jackie B

BBNaija 2021: Week 4 Diary Session With Jackie B
BBNaija 2021: Week 4 Diary Session With Jackie B


Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) season 6 shine ya eye reality live show diary session with Jackie B.

Jackie B airs her grievances about the nomination twist and says that she feels some of the housemates have more luck than others On what she is willing to do to secure her stay in Biggie’s house, as the pleasing Maria task requires.


BB: How are you feeling today

Jackie B: I think am fine. A lot happening to take in. How come power keeps landing on these people and not me or my people. Losing KayVee was another blow.
Watching WM get into a fight made me sadder. I think Pere really provoked him but WM could have been responsible for some of the words he used on Pere. I don’t feel sad for Pere either.

BB: Yesterday saw the untimely departure of one of your HM, tell BB how the house received the news?

Jackie B: Everyone was sad. I thought it was a prank. Mental health issues should be taken seriously.

BB: Let’s revisit Sunday, how did the eviction make you feel?

Jackie B: It’s a game. Princess and Arin were my friends. It was difficult to predict who was going home.

BB: Yesterday Maria was crowned the HOH with some special responsibilities. What’s your take on Maria?

Jackie B: I think she is a good leader. I only pray she doesn’t get carried away as the leader.
I think she now has a lot of power so far.
She actually told Boma to select me so we stayed together in the HOH lounge

BB: Let’s talk about the task from HOH. What will you continue to do to maintain your stay in the house?

Jackie B: I hate to kiss ass. I will try my best. I think I like her now and we getting along. I won’t forgive her if she picks me to leave the house.

BB: Which two (2) HM do you think Maria will evict and why?

Jackie B: Maria is intelligent and smart. Sometimes she does things out of emotions other times out of real thinking.
If it’s emotions, I think she will pick Queen and Pere.

BB: Tell Biggie about the food situation in the house?

Jackie B: The men are not eating well. Most have lost their muscle. Lots of carbohydrates.
One of the sources of continuous fighting is a food shortage

BB: Who and what is to blame for the weight loss and scarcity of food.

Jackie B: Too many people making the food decisions in the house.
I think we are not buying the right food so far.

BB: Anything

Jackie B: Am not in any ship with Michael