BBNaija: Allysyn revealed her attraction to Deji (Video)

Allysyn confirms attraction to Deji
Allysyn confirms attraction to Deji



Allysyn speaks about her affection for Deji and why Adekunle may soon chop breakfast.

We love a good ole gist session and when it comes with a sismance spirit, you know the gossip is going to be spicy. Today’s spicy moments happened thanks to Allysyn, Doyin, and Diana who took time out to gist about some of the men in the Level 1 House.

Allysyn spoke with Doyin about her relationship with Adekunle saying she wanted to pull away from him and that she was also attracted to Deji.

She also said kissing him made her realize she didn’t like him and she feared she may have led him to a place where it’s hard to get him out of.

Doyin in her response said she pitied Adekunle and went on to plot with Allysyn on ways for her to dump him.

In their gist, they both confessed to liking Deji and agreed he was appealing to other ladies in the House.

Allysyn then later took her man woes to Diana who let her know she came into the show alone and not tied to any man.

She mentioned he spoke about being exclusive and felt she may have led him to this conclusion because of the kiss they shared and the fact that she initiated the kiss made things worse.

She eventually resolves to talk to him even though it will be hard to have such a conversation. Diana went on to ask her who she liked and she mentioned Deji.

This shocked Diana because she was aware of Doyin’s affection for him and asked Allysyn if she knew about Doyin’s feelings.

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Allysyn replied in the affirmative and said even though Deji is attractive, she doesn’t want to break up with Adekunle and follow Deji.

She ends up saying maybe she’ll just free it.

Whatever that means, we hope Adekunle doesn’t get wind of all these before Allysyn speaks to him.