BBNaija: Amaka and Doyin revealed that ships will sink in the house

Amaka and Doyin revealed that ships will sink in the house
Amaka and Doyin revealed that ships will sink in the house



Amaka and Doyin share their thoughts on their fellow housemates and their time in the House.
Amaka and Doyin had an interesting chat in the garden this afternoon. Their conversation touched on the guys in the House, ships, strategy, and stress.

While everyone else was in the House chatting away or simply in their bed, Amaka and Doyin were spotted chatting about the maturity of the men in the House.

They both agreed most of the men in the House were immature, while Amaka claimed the only mature men she knew were ex-Housemates Kess and Pharmsavi.

Ships will sink

According to Amaka, they were not the cutest but were mature. Doyin piggybacks on this stating her type of guy is someone who is well put together and mentally stable, while looks come in second place.

Does this mean all the men they have had a crush on in the Level Up House are not worth it? Surprisingly they believe so.

As the gist went on, Amaka admitted that most of the ships in the House will crash once the season is done.

Amaka and Doyin agree that a lot of ships in the House arise as a result of the housemates needing companionship to pass time.

Does this mean Giddyfia is a distraction as well? We are not sure but Amaka and Doyin both agree Bella and Sheggz may be the only ship to make it outside the House.

The Merger

Amaka had said she was looking forward to the merger but now wished she could turn back the hands of time. Doyin agreed that it has done nothing for her because Beauty and Cyph were no longer in the House.

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Amaka went on to rant about how it has been one problem or the other and how this week had been one of the most stressful weeks she has had so far.

Doyin agrees as well, recalling she was also stressed the week she advised the former Level 1 Housemate to stop being condescending towards the former Level 2 Housemates.

In conclusion, Amaka and Doyin agree that the House is now boring and they will both focus on themselves.