BBNaija: Bryann & Rachel discuss about how he will be disappointed if he finds out his fellow Housemates were “getting down” in the House

Bryann and Rachel discuss
Bryann and Rachel discuss



After the Saturday Night Party, the Housemates set out to different activities while some went straight to bed.

Adekunle was in a corner having a conversation with Daniella, while Bryann and Rachel lay on the couch in the Lounge, chatting up a storm.

The pair had a chat about intimate relations in the House and went on to give a few guesses as to who may have taken things further.

While speaking to Rachel, Bryann admitted that he had never felt the need to hold back from being intimate with anyone, but he would find it crazy if he discovered his fellow Housemates were getting busy under the duvet.

Bryann tried to ponder on which of the Level Up Housemates had sealed the deal in the House, and Rachel responded by telling him he would be shocked about all that are going on, and assured him he will find the real gist when he leaves the House.

“All of us we will all hear the gist,” she said with a laugh.

Bryann, who seemed disappointed about the possibility of intimacy happening right under his nose in Biggie’s House, said he would like to be able to brag that none of the Housemates in this present season of the show had crossed that line. See hope sha!

Rachel then went on to admit she can give a good guess of those who may have engaged in covert bedroom olympics.

In trying to secretly give Bryann a guess, she nodded towards Daniella’s direction, but Bryann didn’t agree, and said that was not possible.

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As to why Bryann and Rachel were invested in this convo is unknown, but it did give a spicy end to a fun night!

What are your thoughts, fam? Do you think someone’s used the bedroom for more than catching some shut-eye?