BBNaija: Chomzy question’s Groovy about moving on quickly from Beauty (Watch Video)

Chomzy questions Groovy about moving on quickly
Chomzy questions Groovy about moving on quickly




Did Groovy move on too fast from Beauty or is Chomzy a sour loser?
Head of House Phyna has found it necessary to spill the tea on Beauty and Amaka’s affection for Groovy.
Sharing with Chichi, Biggie’s Guests Chomzy and Eloswag, Groovy and Sheggz in Level 3 after their Wednesday night Showmax Movie Night sleepover, she went right in.

This unsolicited tea motivated Chomzy to address the elephant in room: she asked Groovy how he could move on from Beauty to Phyna so fast. “Why didn’t you give her the respect for at least a week?,” the brave Chomzy queried.

Well, of course, HoH Phyna defended her man, insisting that it indeed was a week before Groovy found comfort in her arms.

Phyna’s loyalty to Beauty questioned

Phyna must have been mulling over Chomzy’s line of questioning since the sleepover because after returning to the main House, she and Groovy confined themselves in the Head of House Bedroom where they analysed her probe.

Phyna was disturbed by Chomzy questioning her friendship with Beauty in light of her getting involved in a ship with Groovy but the latter reassured her by saying that all friendships are different.

Phyna speculates on Chomzy’s feelings for Groovy

After careful consideration of the series of events that led to last night’s confrontation, Phyna deduced that Chomzy could be nursing a bruised ego because Groovy had picked her.

Phyna suggested that Chomzy might be harboring anger issues over the fact that she is not with Groovy by pointing out that Chomzy is still into him, a fact she claimed that even Biggie’s Guest Eloswag could see.

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Chomzy’s side of the story

While GrooPhy was analyzing Chomzy’s interrogations and unexhibited intentions, Biggie’s House Guest Chomzy sought Dotun’s views on the conversation she had with Groovy the night before.

After recounting the gist to Dotun, Chomzy expressed her views to him that she thought Groovy had moved on too quickly from Phyna.

Dotun didn’t sway her from her opinion, thus further cementing Chomzy’s resolve.

Do you think Chomzy questioning Groovy’s move from Beauty to Phyna is a sign that she is still into him?

Chomzy question’s Groovy about moving on quickly