BBNaija: “Daniella declares that she wants Dotun” as they k!ssed aggress!vely (Watch Video)

Daniella declare that she wants Dotun
Daniella declares that she wants Dotun



The Level Up shippers decided to focus on their partners on the dance floor.
Shipping has seemed to be the order of the House for the Level Up Season.
Housemates are either in a ship or there are assumptions about possibly getting into one.
Groovy was in a ship with Disqualified Housemate Beauty and hopped into another with Phyna quickly after that.

Ships come alive during party time and last night was no exception.

As always, Chomzy had intimate dance sessions with Eloswag.

It is unclear if the two are officially together, but their behavior signals that.

Chomzy teased Eloswag with a kiss a few times, and he fought hard to get one.

Chomzy pulled back when Eloswag came in close, but the dancing never stopped.

The kissing was like a game of dominoes in the Party Room.

Deji and Chichi were kissing, and Groovy and Phyna joined shortly after.

Chichi never holds back when it comes to sharing her affection for Deji.

She danced for him most of the night, and almost fell at one point.

Deji seemed to enjoy her company last night.

Outside the House an unexpected kiss took place.

Dotun and Daniella were kissing on the couch, and Dotun looked like he just won the lottery.

Daniella seemed a little high, and the two moved back to the Party Room where they continued to dance together.

Their kiss was a surprise considering how Daniella told him he was a pervert in the HoH bedroom when they were getting ready for the party.

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Dotun tried to hold Daniella when she moved away and asked him to step away.

Dotun refused to move and said, “this is my room, and I can do whatever I want”.

Hermes and Allsysn were each other’s dance partners of choice for the night as well.

They were spotted dancing with other Housemates now and again but landed with each other.

Another floating Housemate for the night was Doyin moving between two Housemates.

She embraced Bryann whilst they danced together, then was lifted by Chizzy while dancing.

Chizzy and Doyin were flirting during the week, so dancing together is not surprising.

However, we are uncertain if they will ever get into a ship, especially with Doyin’s perspective on ships in the House.

Speaking to Amaka, Doyin shared that people get into ships because they need intimacy and the Housemates are all they know. Will she also require this intimacy soon?

As always, Sheggz and Bella were tied to the hip for most of the night. Rachel and Giddyfia also vibed together.

However, after last night’s party, Dotun and Daniella were kissing on the couch (Video Below)


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