BBNaija Day 10: Chichi’s got a thing for Deji (Video)

Chichis got a thing for Deji
Chichis got a thing for Deji


Deji told no lies when he said his good looks draw people to him. After spending only two days in the Big Brother Naija House, he seems to have caught Chichi’s eye.

She’s had eyes for him since the day he stepped into the House. During a conversation with Chomzy today, the only word she could use to describe him is “Damn”. She thinks he is handsome, and even though she claims it’s nothing serious, we couldn’t help but notice how much she lit up when Chomzy mentioned his name.



The pair were seen flirting and having an intimate conversation before they got interrupted by Chomzy. Even The Level 1 Housemates have noticed their closeness, and they seem shocked to see Chichi cozied up with Deji as she has not shown any interest in having conversations with male Housemates.


Could she have found the one?

Even if Chichi is unsure, the #BBNaija geng seem to love this budding ship, and they came up with the name “DeChi.” It has a nice ring to it, don’t you agree?