BBNaija: Giddyfia and Rachel’s sudden closeness (Watch Video)

Giddyfia and Rachels sudden closeness
Giddyfia and Rachels’s sudden closeness



Diana might have been right about their closeness.
After celebrating Adekunle and Chomzy’s win at the Task Presentation. Rachel’s night turned different as she ended up in the bathroom with Giddyfia.

Giddyfia expresses his concerns.

The pair were seen having an intimate conversation where Giddyfia expressed his disappointment in Rachel.

He noticed how expressive she was with Adekunle and how much she celebrated his wins.

Giddyfia wanted to be celebrated too, leading to Rachel apologizing to him in the bathroom. The apology lasted for a while and ended in Giddyfia embracing Rachel to stop her from crying.

Rachel and Giddyfia reunite

After their vulnerable interaction, Rachel and Giddyfia got back together on good terms at the Saturday Night Party.

Rachel was seen sharing exotic moves on the dance floor with Giddyfia, who couldn’t seem to take his hands off her.

When he did, Adekunle quickly swayed in to enjoy a dance with Rachel, who was having a great time at the Beach party.

Rachel has called Diana stupid for thinking she is interested in Giddyfia. Diana was shouting at the previous Saturday Night Party when she saw how cozy Rachel was with Giddyfia.

Watch Diana fight with Rachel: 

Diana’s reaction

Although Diana did not cause a stir at last night’s party, we can’t help but wonder how long Rachel and Giddyfia have been friendly.

At the party, Diana seemed unbothered by Rachel and Giddyfia’s interaction.

However, she had previously snuck to the bathroom doors to eavesdrop on their bathroom conversation.

Do you think Diana was right for once suspecting Giddyfia and Rachel?

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