BBNaija: Newly appointed HoH, Dotun, is starting his tenure on a defiant note

Newly appointed HoH Dotun
Newly appointed HoH Dotun



House duties seem to be getting the better of Housemates this week.
Newly appointed HoH, Dotun, is starting his tenure on a challenging note. One of the first things he has to execute is the allocation of duties in the House. Currently, the Level Up House is two people down after this week’s Evictions.
Modella and Amaka’s Big Brother Naija journeys ended on Sunday and Monday respectively.

Every Housemate had a duty they should be responsible for in the week and now roles have to be allocated again, but there seems to be a split.

Dotun approached Doyin this morning while she was busy making her face. “Chomzy said you like cleaning the bathroom,” he said.

She responded, “she must be joking.” Dotun thought it was fair to approach Doyin regarding Chomzy delegating bathroom duty, but Doyin was not having any of it!

Chomzy reiterated that she would never be on bathroom clean-up duty, with a face of total disapproval. Rachel came into the conversation, adding that she would not mind being on bathroom duty but would not do it every day.

Adekunle said he fails to understand why people don’t clean up after themselves.

Sheggz echoed the same sentiments concerning Bedroom duty. He needs to make up the beds, which he does not mind but he reckons the most adult thing to do when you wake up is to make your bed before you start your day.

Groovy was on sweeping duty this and advised Dotun to find a replacement for Modella’s Living Room duty.

He then swiftly moved on to finding a broom to execute cleaning. Hermes also quietly grabbed the broom and swept as always.

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Chichi and Dotun were seen gisting in the Dressing Room about duties.

Chichi advised Dotun to speak to the Housemates about how they should be done. She would like people to make their beds, brush their teeth and start cleaning before the day begins.

Dotun reported to the Housemates that he received a message from Biggie and informed everyone to clean up the House or get punished.

Will the duties be allocated with peace, or will vawulence ensue?