BBNaija Season 7 (Level Up) Top 5 Rules of Living in the House

BBNaija season 7 Top 5 rules
BBNaija season 7 Top 5 rules



BBNaija Top 5 rules of living in a merged House | BBNaija season 7 rules

As you may already know, the concept of mergers is more prevalent in business. When businesses merge, there are changes that occur that drive management to revisit their strategies.

Just like in business, the Level Up merger comes with challenges that call for the Housemates to find coping mechanisms.

Due to this new dynamic, take a look at these five rules that the Level Up Housemates have had to quickly learn:

1. Resource Management

Resource management is a critical issue when considering a sudden influx of people. Firstly, one must use things sparingly and consider those that they are living with. Only use what you need and avoid being wasteful.

The former Level 1 Housemates were already faced with severe food shortage, thanks to their Weekly Wager losing streak.

The merger couldn’t have come at a better time for them where food and supplies are concerned, which annoyed the ex-Level 2 Housemates because they had earned all of it and weren’t willing to share.

As early as the same evening of the merger, Chizzy was already guarding everyone like a hawk, even suggesting to Phyna to also keep her eyes peeled overnight.

2. Conflict management

Conflict management is important in a House with multiple personalities. If family members don’t disagree from time to time, it might mean that someone isn’t getting their say. Conflict can be stressful, but it’s also a great learning opportunity.

Learning to resolve conflict can help one improve communication skills and grow.

Not all Housemates will see eye-to-eye on everything and when friction occurs, getting worked up only makes matters worse.

Remember how Chichi blew off at Diana for overtaking Deji in acquiring a locker in their new home?

Just after the merge on Sunday, the incoming former Level 1 Housemates busied themselves with unpacking their belongings. Chichi noticed that Diana had placed her stuff in Deji’s locker, which didn’t sit well with her.

A screaming match ensued between the two ladies and it escalated to a point where Chichi had to be restrained.

It was tense! Big Brother addressed this incident on Monday evening and gave Chichi a stern warning with the promise of a fitting punishment to be met out the following day.

True to his word, Big Brother gave Chichi her punishment for her belligerent behavior during her argument with Diana.

Chichi was given a notebook where Biggie asked her to write the words: “I will never destroy the property of my fellow Housemates.” She was to fill the notebook with this sentence by writing on each line of the pages in the notebook.

3. Relationship management

For peace to reign in the new Level Up House, Housemates need to practice Relationship management. Like in a merged company, relationship management exists in order to foster a continued partnership with stakeholders, be it with suppliers, clients, or even shareholders, relationship management ensures unity for the business to meet its objectives and the Level Up Housemates’ situation. The Level Up Housemates’ situation is not different.

The merger brings with it different characters that naturally gravitate to one another and others that seem to repel one another like Groovy and Eloswag who shared the same interest in Chomzy.

Since the merger occurred, the Level Up Housemates have had a chance to mingle freely with each other, giving rise to the formation of new ships.

The likes of Amaka and Giddyfia, the rekindling of Groovy and Phyna who were separated by the recent Level swap, and a somewhat ship between Daniella and Dotun who were seen reminiscing about the first time they saw each other.

It’s yet to be seen how these ships will develop and if more ships are to follow. Mhmmm!

4. Communication

To avoid misunderstandings, like in business, a merged House needs to have a sound communication strategy or open channels of communication. The reason for this is to avoid having important messages getting lost in translation or not being delivered at all.

The teambuilding game broken telephone often plays out in real life when messages are ill-delivered and in a merged House with 21 Housemates, it’s a no-brainer that in the absence of clear communication, some messages may be misconstrued.

On Monday, we saw Groovy and Phyna caught in the middle of a damning rumor about them being intimate. Amaka, Bella, Chichi, and week 5 HoH Chomzy started the rumor that spread like wildfire across the House.

Upon further probing by Chomzy, at Groovy’s request, the he-said-she-said game ensued. Amaka later admitted to Phyna that she was the one who let the cat out of the bag. Amaka said Chichi had asked her about them [Groovy and Phyna] but insisted she had no idea how Bella found out.

So, the rule here is that gossip can be very damning. If you have anything to say to someone or about someone, either tell it to them or keep it to yourself.

5. Leadership

A merger in its very nature means bringing two or more leaders together. While this may seem like an opportune strategy for the growth of the newly merged company, it poses different challenges in practice.

A company with more than one idea filtering through its channels is bound to buckle as operations cease to flow freely. For growth to occur, there needs to be a unified voice giving one directive for the company, and like in a business, a merged House is bound to have strong personalities that will automatically assume a leadership role.

Big Brother believes in the acquisition of authority through fair means, hence the Head of House games. Many were delighted this week when Chomzy made history as the first female Head of House. Not only that, but Chomzy is also the first Head of House in the merged Level Up House of the season.

Leadership is important in any setting but in the merged Level Up House it is necessary so that everyone plays their part in ensuring that the House is conducive for everyone in it, for instance, cleaning duties, cooking, food rationing, Task preparations, and other factors.

What other rules can you think of for our Housemates living in a merged House?