BBNaija: Sheggz slams Bella over her selfish attitude {Video}

Sheggz hammers on Bellas selfishness
Sheggz hammers on Bellas’s selfishness



Bella and Sheggz have given us one of the most stable ships this season. Their playful nature and strong bond have made them a topic of conversation amongst their peers.

Like every regular ship, both partners are bound to express their displeasure when they aren’t happy with certain issues going on.

Today was one of those days as Sheggz was all out to express his displeasure over Bella’s attitude.

The issue between the two started when Sheggz prepared a meal for Bella but she didn’t seem to want to eat it.

In a bid to make her eat, Sheggz took the meal to her bedside and left it there despite her plea for him to remove it.

He tried to work away but then came back to have a conversation with Bella.

In a gentle but firm tone, he told her she was selfish and self-centered.

He went on into a conversation as to why he felt that way.

He claimed her attitude doesn’t work for him because he is self-centered and will remain himself despite her attitude.

While they spoke Bella stood up to have a little dance and apologized.

After the brief pause on Sheggz’ rant, the couple went back to the bed where Sheggz continued to analyze the ways in which he has been a better partner to her than to him.

In a bid to make things a bit softer while passing his points he apologized for the way he may have approached the matter because he placed her on a high pedestal.

He feels Bella is not caring enough for him and in as much as she may say she does, he doesn’t see her acting on her words.

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Bella in her defense said Sheggz had set the bar too high and it was hard to reciprocate all that he had done.

Sheggz responded that he did not need her to put in as much effort as himself because he liked to be the one to do more.

He however insisted she wasn’t doing the barest minimum in her actions to prove she liked him.

Sheggz continued by saying he is scared of a new relationship because the last two relationships he had were with ladies who really loved and he wasn’t sure he was ever going to meet anyone like that again.

Bella tried to allay his fears saying she actually liked him but doesn’t know how much she has to say it for him to understand.

Sheggz said again he doesn’t doubt her feelings for him but insisted the way they treated each other mattered a lot to him because he is about going the extra mile for someone you care for.

Will this fight make them stronger or is this the beginning of the end for their ship?