BBNaija Week 7 review in the Big Brother House 2022

Week 7 in the Big Brother House
Week 7 in the Big Brother House



After an intense week of clashes over food, the Level Up Housemates finally win their Wager under the guidance of HoH Hermes and Phyna.

The Level Up Housemates started their week on a sober note after three Housemates, Deji, Diana, and Giddyfia, who was fondly loved, were Evicted from the Level Up House at the eighth Big Brother Naija Live Eviction Show.

The Eviction tension triggered fights as Day 44 began with a shocking split: Bella and Sheggz called it quits! They reconciled on the same day.

Hermes wins the Head of House Challenge again

Amidst the chaos, Hermes seemed to remain focused, and after two rounds of games, he emerged as this week’s Head of House. The challenge revolved around fishing.

Chomzy was the leading Housemate in the first round. However, Hermes was the only Housemate that found the fish with “HoH” on the flipside during the second round.

For the first time this season, during Nominations, Big Brother gave the current HoH, Hermes, the chance to Save and Replace.

Hermes chose to save Adekunle and replaced him with Bryann for possible Evicting this coming Sunday.

Food and cleaning cause a constant ruckus

Since the merger, food fights have become a constant in the Level Up House. However, this week, the drama was a lot.

Chichi and Rachel had a feud over Giddyfia’s eggs and in the most heated argument this week, Bella threw the food Rachel prepared in her face after she had a war of words with Sheggz.

The fights were recurrent this week and after Phyna and Chomzy’s altercation on day 46, the Head of House had to call the House to order.

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Trouble aboard Ships

After revealing to Biggie during Diary Sessions that ships are a distraction, the Level Up Housemates had issues stabilizing their ships this week. Groovy and Phyna had a significant fight which almost led to a breakup. The Shella ship also had a rocky start to their week but was able to find a breaking point on day 48.

A Wager Task Win

The loss of their weekly Wager last week caused food woes in the House. For this week’s Wager, Biggie asked the Housemates to pay tribute to the men and women in service through a dance showcase.

While some Housemates, notably Bella and Sheggz, almost sabotaged the House’s win, Phyna and Hermes’ dedication to the cause helped them succeed.

Week 7 has been eventful; what are you looking forward to this coming week?