BBTitans 2023: An eye-opening nomination session | Big Brother Titans week 1 nominations

An eye opening nomination session
An eye opening nomination session



If there were to be Big Brother Titans evictions come Sunday, a couple of housemates would be in serious trouble. On a day when they bet their first wager, awarded the first Head of house, and dipped their toes in the jacuzzi, Biggie summoned them one by one into the diary room to announce the two housemates they’d be nominating for eviction.

The somber affair was punctuated by some laughs for the audience when it became clear that not all housemates were that familiar with their fellow participants’ names – they’re right there on their mic packs, folks!

Nana, however, is an easy one to remember, and she picked up the most noms: seven. Less-easy Khosi was next in line with five, and Yemi Cregx picked up four.

Here’s who nominated who in BBTitans week 1:

  1. Ipeleng: Jenni O, Olivia
  2. Blaqboi: Yemi Cregx, Yaya
  3. Yaya: Nana, Blaqboi
  4. Ebubu: Justin, Nana
  5. Nelisa: Khosi, Nana
  6. Marvin: Justin, Khosi
  7. Yemi Cregx: Olivia, Nana
  8. Khosi: Jaypee, Jenni O
  9. Kanaga Jnr: Lukay, Olivia
  10. Tsatsii: Nana, Lukay
  11. Olivia: Khosi, Yemi Cregx
  12. Justin: Nelisa, Nana
  13. Jaypee: Yemi Cregx, Khosi
  14. Thabang: Justin, Nana
  15. Yvonne: Marvin, Tsatsii
  16. Lukay: Olivia, Justin
  17. Nana: Yemi Cregx, Jaypee
  18. Juicy Jay: Nana, Justin
  19. Jenni O: Khosi, Tsatsii
  20. Mmeli: Nana, Kananga Jnr

Then Biggie addressed the summoned crew: “Come Sunday you must prepare for possible evictions.”

As you haven’t been prompted to vote, these were no doubt fake nominations – or Biggie has something devious and delicious up his sleeve.

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