BBTitans: How Housemates Nominated for Possible Eviction

How BBTitans Housemates Nominated For Possible Eviction In Week 2
How BBTitans Housemates Nominated For Possible Eviction In Week 2



After the head-of-house game which saw Black Boi and Ipeleng as the new head of the house, Big Brother gave the whole housemate one hour to go and prepare themselves for the eviction nomination.

In this nomination, it is expected that they will discuss with their partners and then only the partner will go to do the nomination when they are called out.

The pairing of the housemate was done by Big Brother and this pairing is very nice as it consists of one Nigerian and one South African which means that anyone is going to be one from each country.

Big Brother said the head of the house Black Boi and Ipeleng had the veto power to save a group that is up for eviction, the two of them will have to deliberate and then save the group they want.

Below are the groups of Housemates and how they did their nominations.

How Housemates Nominated other Housemates for Eviction In Week 2

As heads of house, Blaqleng cannot be nominated by their fellow housemates. Everyone else got to name two pairs, up for nomination.

  1. Thabana: nominates Santheo and Juvone 
  2. Yelisa: nominates Santheo and Juvone  
  3. Juiovla: nominates Thabana and Santheo  
  4. Jaykay: nominates Santheo and Yelisa 
  5. Juvone: nominates Royals and Yelisa 
  6. Royals: nominates Santheo and Jacket
  7. Kaniva: nominates Jaykay and Juiovla
  8. Maya: nominates Santheo and Khosicle
  9. Jenne Li: nominates Santheo and Royals
  10. Santheo: nominates Khosicle and Thabana
  11. Khosicle: nominates Royals and Santheo
  12. Blaqleng: nominates Juvone and Yelisa
Name  Nominations 
Blaqleng 0
Jaykay 2
Jenne Li 0
Kaniva 0
Maya 0
Thabana 2
Yelisa 3

It seems that Santheo receives the most nominations with eight and three pairs, Jenne Li, Kaniva, and Maya have not gone up at all.

Blaqleng saved the Royals and replaced them with Juiovla.