BBTitans: Interesting names for an interesting game, pairs of the 24 housemates in the house

Pairs of the 24 housemates in the house
Pairs of the 24 housemates in the house



Biggie has come up with a twist that has led to the pairing up of the 24 housemates in the house.

The pairing up meant that whatever happens to a member of the pair impacts the other. For example, if a member of the pair gets a strike, the second of the pair also gets a strike.

Right after the live show, Biggie instructed the housemates to go into the garden where they began playing a set of games.

After the games, Biggie instructed each housemate to pick from the bowl with different gender and nationality for whoever was picking.

At the end of it all, the housemates were paired in a union that sparked conversations on social media.

Though the pairings were quite interesting, Biggie further instructed each pair to select a name for themselves and what they came up with was quite creative.

Check out the pair names below.

  1. Thabang and Nana – Thabana
  2. Nelisa and Yemi Cregx – Yelisa
  3. Juicy Jay and Olivia – Juiovla
  4. Jaypee and Lukay – Jaykay
  5. Justin and Yvonne – Juvone
  6. Tsatsii and Ebubu – Royals
  7. Kanaga and Blue Aiva – Kaniva
  8. Yaya and Marvin – Maya
  9. Mmeli and Jenni O – Jenni Li
  10. Sandra and Theo Traw – Santheo
  11. Blaqboi and Ipeleng – Blaqleng
  12. Khosi and Miracle OP – Khosicle