Birds In Row – Noah Lyrics

Birds In Row – Noah Lyrics

There’s a road leading into darkness.
It’s got a rhythm that no one can clap to.
You think you’re free until you answer the call and all the claps of some fools just cover it up.
Come with me.
You’re the dentist with no front teeth telling me how to smile, how to brush it hard and how to hide my insides.
A black hole with a tongue and much pride, you’re a monster and you think you just offer enough. Come with me.
Would you just come with me and see ?
How all love is meant to disappear on a road paved with laments.

Shredded bodies on shredded bodies, dead bodies on both sides.
And in the silence you hear the screams of all the true heroes who are done suffering for us.
Come with me.
We all lose a reason to smile when we take that one hike, to the top of the hill and down to the depth to the valley of the vile.
You think you’ll fix it with money ?
Come with me.
Wouldn’t we know about the hidden costs this road would be paved for us to dance.
And if we are too shy to dare there’d always be that one hand waving its money.

Please, come with me.
Cause I’m not sure we should dance.
The more we walk, the more it rains stories about a deluge above our heads.
How ridiculous we look, here, clapping our hands as the waters rise.
Piled up clothes of those we lost, frail barricades for frail fates.
They are candies inside the jaws sculpted on godly waves.
You say we’d be free with the money.

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Fold your paper into an ark.
Godspeed Noah, I’m so glad you’ll finally sink.
For there’s no way out from here.
From a circle of pain to a circle of doubt to a circle of shame.
First monuments of water hide the sun, then they break and hit.
And they’ll take us all Where oxygen runs dry and gold won’t buy room for any of us.

You think you’ll fix it with money, the will to give up and the big hole inside our chests ?
I don’t know how you dance but it looks romantic somehow.
The mesmerizing defense of what is left of our smiles.
I don’t know how you dance but it looks romantic somehow.
Two bodies under the rain maybe kissing for the very last time.
It sounds romantic somehow, echoes inside my brain murmuring again and again:
You should have taken the money, you fool.