Chelsea And Man City Fans Embroiled In Violent Clashes In Porto Ahead Of Champions League Final

Chelsea And Man City Fans Embroiled In Violent Clashes In Porto Ahead Of Champions League Final




English fans who arrived in Porto for the Champions League final were embroiled in violent clashes on Thursday night, the UK Daily Mail reports. Video footage shows a series of different skirmishes on the Douro River and supporters are said to have clashed with local police after the bars closed at 10.30pm. Local television in Porto showed footage of various incidents with Chelsea and Manchester City fans arriving before Saturday night’s big game.




One clip showed a chaotic scene with several people running across a highway, horns blasting, hissing and screaming disturbing the night. Chelsea and City fans reportedly clashed with the Porto police and each other in altercations that could lead to increased security on the streets. The latest violence follows similarly shocking incidents Wednesday night. Manchester United and City fans clashed violently and had to be separated by military police with truncheons.



City fans enjoyed even more watching United lose the Europa League final on penalties on Wednesday night.  His jubilation at an Albufeira resort rubbed the wounds of United fans and trouble erupted in the popular Oura district bar, according to Portuguese outlet Expresso. A witness told the Sun: “That led to shoving and shoving followed by fights in the street. “The military police had to mess with truncheons to break it.”



There were no serious injuries in the skirmishes and there are still no reports that anyone has been arrested or charged. The day before, United fans saw their team lose devastatingly to Villarreal on Wednesday in Gdansk and emotions were clearly running high. The game ended 1-1 in 90 minutes and the score remained the same in overtime. After 10 players scored for both sides, it all came down to goalkeepers taking shots from the spot.


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United’s David de Gea was saved and the English club ended their season with a groan and no silverware. City is preparing to face known Premier League foes Chelsea in the Champions League final at the Estadio do Dragao on Saturday. A total of 16,500 fans can watch the game at the stadium, 33 percent of the 50,000 capacity, but many more have traveled hoping to find a ticket or simply to be close to the action while on vacation.




Fans must have proof of a negative Covid PCR test to enter the venue from May 26 or a lateral flow test from May 28. The game was originally supposed to take place in Istanbul, but the UK put Turkey on the red list. Many fans will take day trips on Saturday to the finals and will be escorted to and from the stadium and airport to limit exposure in a Covid bubble. But there are others arriving in Porto who are not restricted by these measures and the local authorities will undoubtedly be prepared for more violence in the coming days.