Cinderella – A Girl In A Buggy Eye Glasses 15

Cinderella – A Girl In A Buggy Eye Gla**es 15
Cinderella – A Girl In A Buggy Eye Gla**es 15


Cinderella  A Girl In A Buggy Eye Gla**es 15

Čindarella a girl in a buggy gla**es 💞
Ayo Mide Gloria
£pisode 15


“Why are you smiling? ”
Mother voice and a slight knock on my head jolted me.

“What is it? ”
she was giving me this suspicion and questioning look

Are you expecting me to tell you that I got kissed. your seventeen years old daughter got her first kiss few hours ago and if came from her crush.
I would have but I can’t
Turning to her, I said. “I’m just happy because I’m getting along with studies! ”

“Really? ”

Note the sacasm.

“You’re happy because you are coping with school, is that not so? ”
I nodded.

she said nothing more after casting me this “I know you’re lying ‘ look.
But it’s a relief because she let the matter lies

Later that day after dinner, I move into my room, on my bed as I was getting ready to go to sleep.

The thought of the kiss wouldn’t let the sleep come.

Each time I recall what it felt like even though I didn’t reciprocate, smiles smears on my face.
But his action after the kiss hurt to the core and it make me think he enjoy hurting me
I stood muted unable to get out of the shock even after he’d broke off.

I glanced at him at once demanding for an explanation. A word or two.

“Why? w… why… d.. d.. I.. d.. you…?”

“Forget about it. it’s nothing! ”
He walked off afterward.

I watch him walk away. I was too shock and hurt to call him back.

Tears rolled down that moment.
Why does he loves using me?

I was angry at myself and my heart for not letting go. I was angry for not screaming at his face after his words for he used the piteous me.
I drew the cover over me as I sigh deeply shutting my eyes and welcoming the sleep which just fill my eyes.
My heart was rapidly beating faster the moment I step into the school compound.

I was nervous and upon remembering the previous day’s incident, the strength to face him seems to vanish.

I suddenly decided to go to the locker room before heading to cla**.

This, I will be doing for the first time after the long time ago abandonment which was as a result of the bullies I got whenever I show up in the locker room.

But there’s no choice other than going to the locker room as I’m still wallowing in nervousness.

I unlock my locker and that moment I heard a locker being noisily and loudly shut not far from me. It’s so loud and deafening.

I turn locking gazes with the she-devil; Rose.

She shut my locker and rested on it directly looking into my eyes.

“How many time do I have to spell it out to you? You even have the audacity to kiss him, you wench! ”

“Pardon? I don’t remember doing all that, even your so called boyfriend I don’t know ”

“Are you trying to deny that you never kiss Tyler? ”
This killing expression visible on her face now.

“The last time I check, Tyler wasn’t your boyfriend. You were the one who was forcifully tying him to your hem. He never like you! ”

The next thing I heard after this word was a stinging slap on my cheek.

“Am warming you again. stay away from him! ”
With this she marched off.

I wipe off the tears that just drop off my cheeks before shutting my eyes.

More tears fell, I didn’t make any attempt to wipe it off. It flows freely until I felt a hand on my chest.

I open my eyes to meet Liam’s. He was actually wiping off the tears.

I turn away from him at once.
I use that moment to clean the tears off.

“You know you should try and fight for yourself sometimes! ”
I heard him said.

“Did you truly kiss him? “He spoke again as we walk back to cla**.

I glanced at him “He kissed me! ” I rolled out the words out of my tongue.

“I see. Everything always revolves around Tyler Myer and even girls fighting over him. What do you expect when he get the look but in the end , he always hurt them with his ignorant self. Such a jerk! ”

“He is not! ”
I cut in sharply.

“Yes, yes. I got it! ”
He shrugged off.
Maybe he is a jerk just like Liam said.
The exam came and gone.
I’d come early to school to check my result as they are already pasted out.

I walk to the notice board ,it was crowded already by students but I get my way amidst them to the front.

I start with checking for Tyler first and as expected to his name was on the Numbee one list. He get the brain.

I proceed to check mine starting from the last number.

I’ve checked to number 50 still my name was no where written there.

oh God, did I not have a result? Was it that bad this session?
I was scared and the fear burgeon when I search to number 10 and still, I haven’t find my name.

*What is the essence of continue searching? I have no position. I’m I kidding myself of getting one the position from tenth above? **
I felt like crying as this though rampant in my head.

I exhale andinhale and build up the courage to check the remaining numbers.

My eyes suddenly fell on number three and there Roxanne Rodney was beautifully written.

I shut my eyes and reopen to be sure if I’m seeing well.
It was still there. It’s true and actually real that I’ve gotten the third position.

From the 90th, 80th position which no one has been competing with it with me, I jump to 3rd position.

I was happy, fill with gladness to the brim.

I couldn’t keep it to myself , I burst it out screaming as I jump up.

Questioning looks on me at my lunatic display but I care not. I suddenly spotted Tyler walking over. I dashed to him, screaming. “We pa**ed! I pa**ed! get the 3rd position! “and jumped on me.

I got off him when it hit me that we haven’t talked since that kissing day. we’ve… let say he has been avoiding me. Sometimes, I tried doing the talk but it either he walk away or ignore me.

“I’m sorry. Thank you so much! I appreciate your a**istance! ”

“Good for you! ”
He remarked and walk away.

Mocking laughter erupted immediately. Everyone around burst into laughter, mockily laughing so hard.

That hurt, to the core.
I rush out with tears. I know I was suppose to be happy but I am not…. I am not cuz my heart hurts__


The moment I got out , a girl walk up to me.
“Here… For you! ”
She hand over a white envelope. a red ribbon was attach to it.

Taking it from her, I torn and read the content.

I look around in search of the writer, on seeing no one I head to the garden as instructed in the letter I just read.

Walking into the garden, I scanned around to see someone but no one come in sight.

I walk in further and suddenly I felt pairs of hand around me.
I jerked in fear. Turning around,my eyes locked with his.

He turn me back to the previous position.
His arms wraps around my neck. I could feel his breath on my neck.

There was silence and I was swimming in confusion.
After a while, he spin me around and at once, he took off my gla**es.

“What are you doing? ”
I questioned as my sight has gone blank. I can’t see anything right now.

The world went crumple around me as I felt his lips on mine.

He was kissing me slowly, his lips stroking mine, tongue flipping against my lips.

He nibbled, pulled, s*cked my lips and I allowed him, holding unto him
Damn, I could get lost in this!

The kiss felt perfect, like the first ray of sunlight after the long rain, like the cool breeze of a summer evening, the first rain after long drought.

All that was just a distraction of what having him kissing me felt like.

He s*cked on my lower plump lips, teeth grazing and pulling, tongue flipping against mine, silently seeking entrance.

I give in, opening up and he slowly devour. He give my lips a peck before breaking away. I felt his lips on my forehead and that was when he fit back my eye gla**es for me.

I glare at him, it was fill with rage.
I’m I being used again?

“Listen Xanne. I’m not playing you as you think.”

Then, what are you doing?! ”
I can’t believe that I just raised my voice at him.

“Listen Xanne, I understand how you feel and I’m sorry for everything. I am sorry for not being able to hold unto you, I am sorry for not being a man. ”
He cupped my cheeks. “I love you Roxanne Rodney! ”

I stood rooted on a spot.