Cinderella – A Girl In A Buggy Eye Glasses 9

Cinderella – A Girl In A Buggy Eye Glasses 9
Cinderella – A Girl In A Buggy Eye Glasses 9






💕A Girl In A Buggy Eye Glasses 💕


Ayo Mide Gloria



£pisode 9



Suddenly the sky turn cloudy and a lightning thunder struck into the atmosphere and soon it began raining.

She was right in the rain crying her heart out.

Why does she have to be short sighted? Why does she have to depend on glasses before seeing.?

Mean while, Anna who was already I’m hEe car driving home when the rain started whyned up the windows, tears streaming down.

Finally getting home, unlocking the door , she went in and immediately collapsed on the sofa .

She was like that with her eyes tightly shut and everything making confusion fog her head.

Does she have to be confused?



💔Tyler 💔

I walked in the rain my tears mingling with it.

“To… me… y.. you.. a.. are.. still.. a.. child… not.. t… a..m.. man… got.. it?! “

That words echoes in my head.
“Aiish!!!! ”
I screamed.

Minding not the heaviness of the downpour, I continue walking in it. I was dripping wet from head to toes but I care not.

Appearing at out gate, Mother was standing by with an umbrella. I’m sure she’s freaking worried.

“What’s wrong sweetheart? “

Ignoring her question, I walk inside dragging my self to my room and plopped down on the bed instantly with my wet clothe.

My gaze tilted on the ceilings counting absentmindedly.

I heard my door creaking and I know at once that mom just walk in.

She move closer, I turn away.

“What’s the problem? “

She questioned.




“If you’re not ready to speak up, then I will leave you to take care of yourself ”
She said and that moment she stood and walk out through the exit door.

I sighed burying my wet facw on the pillow.

It hurt, that heart hurts!
Standing up from where she squatted, she made way home clenching his car key into her palm.

Heading home in the rain, she waited at the bus stop to get on the bus.

And when it finally came, she walk in occupying a seat.

Resting her head on the window gazing side way out of the car with tears running down as she quietly sob.

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The picture of the few minutes ago incident replayed in her memory and that made her tears increase gushing out.



She staggered in heading straight to her room with her legs wobbling.

She gently shut the door behind her.
Her back resting on the door as she went down on her butt.
She could feel her heart palpitating really hard in pain.

Another thunder strike came up and the lightning visibly shine in to the room.

It was still raining heavily outside.

“Roxanne? Roxanne! Roxanne! ” Her mother called banging on the door consecutively.

“Are you in there Roxanne? ”
Her voice came up again.




“Everything ago? ”
At this question, her sob got louder to her Mother’s hearing.

“Are you okay? “

At this question, she uttered no word.

“Open the door! “

Knocking several times without getting any response, Her Mother walked away.

Removing her glasses and losing the sight now, she crawled to her bed and hitting on something at sight.

She hate the fact that she’s half blind.
Depending on glasses before seeing is referred to as half blindness.

Tracing the bed up, she hit her feet on the bedside table making her wince slightly.




She finally locate her bed and laid on.
Everywhere blurry and dark now as she has angrily tossed her glasses away.
Flipping her eyelids open, she tossed around on the bed as she can’t see.

She feel someone wear it for her, lo,it was her mother.

She sat beside her.
“You have dark circle around your eyes and that shows you have been crying and I heard it too. So what’s the problem? “

She replied.

“Really? “




She nodded.

“Fine but I’m sure you will blow it out when you want to ”
With this, she walked out while Roxie head into the bathroom.

Done dressing up, she made way to school.

She sighted a group of students crowding something.

She hurried there to know what’s happening.

She later discovered that the test results are out.

The name of student has been pasted and the person she first search for his name was he’.
His name was on the first number on the list pasted out.

Smile curved on her lips immediately.
He is just so lucky and fortunate!




“Tyler is here! “
she heard students murmured.

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She immediately turn, her eyes fell on him and she rush to him that instant

“You get the first position, Tyler! ”
She ecstasily said jumping up.

She added when it came to her remembrance what happened the previous night.

He walked away without a word.
His face look somehow moody and cold.
He is just casually dressed; a white trousers and a navy blue sweater which fitted his body and making him more sexy.

Roxanne went after him and luckily caught up with him in the hallway.

She move closer to him, held his hand and let go immediately.

“Your car key! ”
She displayed up the key before taking his hand again and drop it on his palm.




She left afterward.
Her eyes were tightly shut, her fingers curl into a fist as every of her system burn.

Her head was pounding really hard as if it going to explode soon.

Picking her bag, she grab her car key as she walked out of her office locking all doors..

She was staggering as she walk to the parking lot.

She missed a step and almost fell but a pair of hands caught abs steady her.

Detecting that it’s Tyler, she break free from him.




“I’m okay! ”
She mumbled.

“I don’t think so, you’re wnot okay! ”
He insisted.

“I will drive you home”
He added getting her car key.

He walked her to her car, opened the door for her to get in before joining her in the car in the driver’s seat.

Turning on the ignition, he drive out.

He halted in the parking lot and alighted with her.

“Don’t do this again cuz its not value! ”
With this she walked in not after collecting her car’s key.




💗Chris 💗

I bite my inner mouth as I watched her being escorted away.

I head to my car to hurry to the secret appointment.

An unknown number had called me and pleaded for us to meet as he got something to say.

Though, I don’t know him neither do I have any clue about what he has to say. But, I just have to go meet him.

I was driving already when my phone suddenly ring.

I put on the ear bud as I click on the receive button.

📲I don’t think I have the time to meet you today but something will be send to you, you just have to check ”
The unknown person said.




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I end the call.
I stared at the documents before me. Reading it through, I bashes my lashes unbelievably.

🌸I’m so sorry Chris I did this to you. I just have to find a way to send this and confess to you as there’s no time left for my jail sentence begins the following month. Though, I have no intention to do what I did then but I did it because of greediness. You should know that……….

You have to know the truth that…. what happened that five years ago was my handiwork. I planned it and find my way to raped her. We lured her with using your number to text her to coming over to an hotel and there we have her drunk and got our way in to her. I’m sorry! I’m sorry I destroy your relationship! I’m sorry I soiled it! Forgive me and help tell Anna if you perchance find her that I’m sorry. apologise ony behalf that I’m really sorry! Now, I can serve my jail sentence in peace of mind.
Well, I think I’m reaping what I sowed cuz the offence I’m going to jail for wasn’t committed to by me. It’s an implication. But, I’ve accepted my fate and consequence of what I did five years ago.

My hand was trembling and shaking as I read all this.

my heart was weighed and I became confused.

Guilt run through me and thinking about this thing weren’t true, my heart seems as if it going to explode.




I have been so wrong all this while!
For the first time in five years, he feel remorse and for days he couldn’t just bring himself to face her

For a whole week, he was battling With his heart.

Anna getting to the parking lot where her car was parked met Chris.

It’s late already and seeing him beside her car what came to her mind was another hurtful insult.

Like expected, he speak up. “Isn’t this shameful to you, a teenage boy after you; loving you? “




She kept quiet.

“Don’t you think you are soiling yourself? “

Like….. Ahm…. ” He trailed off as he is short of word.

Gazing into her eyes he realized how much she would’ve been hurting.

This is the woman he loved five years ago before the split.

“Why are you concerned? ”
Her voice came up. “or are you jealous? “

“Yes! I’m jealous. And I want to stop getting jealous of a teenage boy. Let’s start over! “*