Cinderella – A Girl In A Buggy Eye Glasses [Episode 16]

Cinderella – A Girl In A Buggy Eye Glasses [Episode 16]
Cinderella – A Girl In A Buggy Eye Glasses [Episode 16]

💕a girl in a buggy glasses 💕
Ayo Mide Gloria
Episode 16

“Thanks! ”
I muttered waving at him.

“Should I come to pick you up tomorrow? “

“No need. I will board a bus! “

“Okay. good night. I will leave after watching you go inside ”
He said.

“Good night! ”
I smiled before heading in.

I glanced back and sight him moving to his car.

I can’t believe it, I got asked out by Tyler Myer and even ride with him home.

All these thoughts were making me smile like someone disturbing with insanity.

I move to my room at once, plumping down on my bed.
I softly yawned as I hop out of bed. Remembering the previous day’s events, I couldn’t help but smile.

I move into the bathroom to shower. I hurriedly did that and got out dressing up for school.

I check my face for the last time in the mirror before moving out, heading to the dining for breakfast.

Done eating, I set out to the bus stop to board a bus.
I have been in school for long anxiously waiting for him but he never did.

During all the lectures, he didn’t show and that got me worried.

The moment it’s time for lunch, I hurried out of the class heading to the female locker room.

I was disappointed. And, it’s boldly written on my face.
I was murmuring as I head to the locker room.

I was almost walking in when I felt someone drag me back.

I startlingly screamed but halted when I met his gaze.
My back was on the wall and he, before me with his hands on the wall overshadowing and camping me.

I stared at him until I got lost in admiration.

He chuckled. “I know I’m attractive so you should stop staring so there will be much left for you to stare at in the coming days “

I giggled amusingly.

“I guess someone misses me! ” He winked.

“Where were you? I waited but…. you didn’t show up “

“oh my! I decided to skip class today. “

“I thought something happened to you. Are you sure you are okay? ”
I gazed at him worriedly.

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He just stared without a word. And slowly, his lips move closer to mine until it embrace it.

His lips stealthily and slowly trace mine. He gently nibbling, sucking, teeth grazing and I could feel the exploration.

His lips taste so good. He breaks off, pull me closer by my waist and claim my lips again.

Slowly and slowly my eyes are closing until it finally shut lost in the new sensation.

He softly bite my lower lip seeking for entrance and I comply..

After some times, he finally unlock. “Lets have lunch together! “

I nodded.

“We are sneaking out!” He whispered and held her hand dragging me along with him to his car.

We both got in and buckled our seat belts. He drove off to where I have no clue about.

He halted at a Chinese restaurant and we both got down.

We entwined hands as we walk in occupying seats and he placed our orders.

We both dig into the meal at once. To be frank, I haven’t tasted such food and it is more than good. Delicious is an understatement.

He foot our bills and we head to the car making way back to school, to my own thought but what he has in mind was far opposite mine.

“Where are we going? ” I asked when he abruptly change course.

“Secret! ”
He winked.

I chuckled sweeping my hair backward.
Adjusting my glasses, I rest my head on the head rest.

My eyes widened when he stopped the car.
Park, why are we here at the park?

I turned to him dumbfounded.
we are suppose to be in school and not here; the park.

“Hey, you look like you want to chop off my head now”
He stated.

“I’m sorry! ”
I took away my gaze

“I purposely want us to come here, a beach is not far from here and I really wanted to clear sighted…. ” He suddenly has this affectionate look as he trailed off then added. “With you! ”
He dismissed the look as there was a sudden intense which take over.

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We have our seat on a pew watching various views; people riding roller coaster, some skating, sketching, riding bicycles and all other things.

There was silence as we watched. A display caught my attention.

“You didnt tie this lace very well like the other one “A girl whined loudly at her father.

“Okay, I will retie it princess! ”
It was at the Father’s words that the girl stopped the whine.

That short drama made me remember my Dad. The relationship between us, the bond between us.

“Roxanne come here! Come back here! If I get a hold on you! ”
Father had called out after me when I was reported to him by mother that I’d refused to bath.i was running around the small living room counting everything as play. I was in grade 3 at that period, Just eight years old.

“Ta da! Daddy brought you some chocolates! ”
He smiled as I ecstasily collect the chocolate bar from him. He had came to see me in school that day just to deliver some chocolates bar .

I smiled out tears as I recalled those times.

He was my confidant after Mother and my comforter.

“You don’t need to feel inferior because of this. They aren’t God and it isn’t your fault that you were born this way. It isn’t your fault that you have to depend on glasses to see. They can keep on bullying but you have to stay strong. You are not inferior my jewel, you are special “He soothed that day when I’d came back home crying because my class mates called me names, bullied me because of my half blindness. His consoling words were what keep me going throughout my year in grade six.

Despite my worst result, I always did woefully at the end of the term, he never scolded me like mother will do. What he would gave was an encouragement and advice to do better tabd add more effort.

Sometimes, I’d wanted and strive to make him proud but I always end up lacking behind, ending at the bottom of the class.
I shut my eyes as more tears flow down with those moments.

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He wasnt even able to see my first good result. Since my life I got the best score, but he wasn’t able to see it.

I smiled out more tears.
I missed him. so so much. The pain is still green and scorching.

I felt his palm on my hand, I look at him, what he gave was a comforting smile.

That was always the smile he gave me before he deceased.
A comforting, assuring smile but now he is no more to do so and that made it spite.

Before I could know it, I was already in his arm.

“It’s okay. I know how it feels so pour out those tears don’t hold it back! “

I held him as I sobbed and quietly it turn into a cry.

“Maybe if I wasn’t bore half blind, the ill luck wouldn’t have connected to him. he wouldn’t have had a bad, misfortune luck ” I muttered.

“You shouldn’t say that. None was your fault, for being born to depend on glasses, his death, everything wasn’t your fault. Don’t think such thing “

He lift my head off his shoulder, holding my shoulders and our gazes locked.

“Besides, you are pretty…. even in glasses! ”
The sincerity is there in his eyes which sparkled.

“Do you know what happens when you cry with those glasses on? “

I nodded negatively.

“You make the heart of a guy to flutters “

My heart skipped a beat at that words.
I later let out a chuckle.

“You laughed! You just laugh! “

I avert his gaze. He gave me a quick kiss before pulling back into his embrace.

It feels relief to be in his warm embrace.