Cinderella – A Girl In A Buggy Eye Glasses [Episode 17]

Cinderella – A Girl In A Buggy Eye Glasses [Episode 17]
Cinderella – A Girl In A Buggy Eye Glasses [Episode 17]

💕a girl in a buggy glasses 💕
Ayo Mide Gloria
Episode 17

“Think about me tonight and don’t dare think about any other thing ” I nodded affirmatively smiling.

“I love you! ”
He whispered. “You should dream about me, please! “

He stepped back, tuck his hands into his trousers’ pocket.

“I will watch you go inside before I leave “

I bade him and walked in.
Just two weeks left for the prom night, everyone has been seeking and proposing for a prom date. I too have been expecting Tyler to ask me out though I know I am going to be his date for the prom still, I want to be officially asked out.

Our relationship has been on a good basis, though it’s just a week and few days.

He is nice, kind-hearted not the cold-hearted I knew him to be. He is jovial, adorable, lovable, and cool.
Well, Rose has been on my nerves this day but I don’t give a damn. She can go up and down, ranting for all I care.

Wondering if my mother knew about it, I told her. She happens to find out so I had no other choice than to tell her.
It’s Monday, a new week. I had come to school with worry.

I didn’t hear from him during the weekends which was unlike him.

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As soon as the day run out, I decided to check on him. probably, something might be wrong somewhere. He is sick, perhaps?

Thankfully, I paid the cabman, take a deep breath then walk into the huge mansion.

It’s damn quiet. Appearing in front of the main door, I ring the door bell twice before it was opened by a woman, pretty much through with this warm smile and strike resemblance between her and Tyler. I guess.. he gets his cuteness from his mom.

“Hi, ma’am! “

She smiled brighter. “Come in sweetheart! “

I walk in fully turning after walking into the center of the big living room. “Tyler wasn’t in school today and as his friend, I thought of checking on him”

“That’s so sweet of you. Well, he is ill and has been medicating since Saturday. I had to have him hospitalized at home ”
“Is it that severe? “I questioned worriedly.

She sighed and immediately put on a smile. Just by that, I know it’s severe but she doesn’t want to puff out.

Entering into his room, he was on the bed, well covered with a duvet.

I walk closer, sit beside him, I place my hand on his forehead it’s fairly hot I’m sure he is getting better and if otherwise, it’ll be sooner.

I took his hand in to mine gazing iat his sick yet pretty face. “You should get well soon! “

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I cover him well and stood to leave but he held me back, I turned to look at him.

His sharp stunning eyes shoot wearily but rather lovingly at me.

I sit back focusing my full gaze on him.

“You’ll be fine! ” I assured.

“Can I get a kiss? “

I throw him this questioning look. I’m left with no choice so I cover the distance between us and gently kiss his full wet lips.

I’d wanted to pull off when he pinned me still, his arm around my waist and…… and….. a warm intense but slow provocative kiss was what I got on my desiring lips.

He kissed me as if he was being a love one farewell

Unlocking, his eyes wouldn’t move away from mine.
“Let’s break up! “

I bashed my lashes shockingly. I guess I’m having a problem with hearing.

“What did you……. just say? “

“Let’s break up. let’s put an end to this! “He repeated.

“What? Why? ”
“We are here already! “The cab driver announced.

“I’m sorry! “I wipe
off the tears on my cheeks with my palm before mounting down the cab and heading in into the house walking straight to my room.
I rested my back on the door the moment I shut it. I went down on my butt on the floor, bringing my knees together under my chin as I let out my tears.

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Why? We haven’t even spent enough time together, why splitting?

Why he wants our separation is still dark to me.

He never wanted this, not even anything with me, according to his response.

Do I deserve this?

Day over day, my heart, mind and everything about me seems as if it being shred.
It’s hurt so much each passing day.

“Hello students! Your Prom is in few days now and we have a special event arrange for that and it’s going to be a blast! ” A teacher had walked up into our class, announcing this nonsense and even those stupid students cheering and screaming at what makes no sense to me.

“There will a music competition and the winner get a chance to study in any best college and get sign into a record label Industry and a token amount. We really want to build you up for future, a brighter one this year! “

More cheers came up, invading the whole class.