Cinderella – A Girl In A Buggy Eye Glasses [Episode 5]

Cinderella – A Girl In A Buggy Eye Gla**es [Episode 5]
Cinderella – A Girl In A Buggy Eye Gla**es [Episode 5]





💕A Girl In A Buggy Gla**es💕




Ayo Mide Gloria



£pisode 5





I head to the Proprietor’s office and step In after I’d knocked and I was ordered to come in

“Have your seat!”
He gestures on the seat before his table with his hand..

I bow and sat down.

“You asked to see me, Sir! ”
I politely speak up.




“Yes, Tasia! Though, this is so painful to do, nevertheless, we are still not going to hinder you. We will all miss you, including the students you’ve devoted your time to teach and they have gotten much addicted to you and your style of lecturing.. “

I stares confusedly. What is he trying to extract from all those words? What is it all about?

“This is for you! ”
He stretch forward a white envelope.

I glanced at him confusedly as I took it from him.

Without enquiring him further, I torn the sealed envelop and brought out a printed sheet.

Scanning through and reading, I glance up at the Man before me expecting him to say something.

And he did.
“You deserve it Tasia. You’re brilliant, smart, decent, and wise. Deserve the promotion. Teaching in Beverly Hills High School is not a bad choice. Most of your needs might be mend. “




I glare back at the letter.

Like seriously?!
Ecstasy fill my heart immediately. Teaching in a high school has always been my dream. It feels like I just hit a jackpot! Like a lottery won.!

“Congratulation! ”
I took his stretched out hand for handshake, slightly bowing.

“You’ll have to go there and get things together, fill require papers and more necessary documents. I wish you best of luck! “

Keeping the letter in my bag, I rose to leave and walking out of his office I head to mine to get ready for my leaving.

But before leaving, I bade the students I’ve been teaching a good bye and I was set to leave.

The moment the cab I board drop me in front of the school, I step down, paid him and he left.




“Wow! “

I admired this great and well built mansion school.

So pretty and fancy to be called school. It smells money.

And on a board was gold-written BEVERLY HILLS HIGH SCHOOL’

Walking in, It was damn quiet.
Just as I was looking around, I heard my name.
“Why are you here? ”
He asked again.

“SH*e me the way to your Dean’s ofgice” I replied otherwise.

“Okay,. But I’d love to know why you’re here! ” He said and lead the way.




“You should go in! ”
He said just as we stopped by a door.

I press the b*tton on the door and a masculine voice came up.

“Come in! ”
I obliged.

“Read it thoroughly and sign. I am expecting a job well done from you. With what I’ve been hearing about you, I’m sure you can hold this.! “

Filling the necessary papers, I rose, bow and walk out of the office, letting out a sigh of relief the moment I got out.

Tyler was gone, so I just head out to grab a cab home.



😅Rossie 😅

The moment the bell rang for lunch, I dash out. Searching for Tyler. I’ve already let go of the fact that I was once insulted by him.

I went to his various joint before heading to the school garden.

I hide amidst the flowers watching his back view as he gaze at a lotus flower.

“You should stop stalking Ms around, it’s annoying! ”
He coldly said and I have no other choice but to come put of my hideout.

He turned, his hands tuck into his pocket, his hair fall freely covering part of his face and his lips cutely moving, kind of rhythmical.

“Stop stalking me, I detested it! If you think doing this will make me have interest in going, then you should stop cuz I’m not and will never be interested in you! I hate you! You s*cks if you don’t know! You’re not up to my taste! so stay off me! ” He bawled.




He turned to leave, but I interrupted him with my words “Have you eaten? ” He halted and turn to me.

Right that moment, my stomach grumble. I took in my lips, gazing away embarra**edly.

“You’re the one who needs to feed not me! ”
He grimaced and walk off.

So cold and harsh!

My stomach grumbles again. I place my hand on my tummy hungrily.
Going to the cafeteria to eat will mean trouble but I still have to eat.

Contemplating on whether to go or not, I finally decided to go.

The moment I enter into the cafeteria, my eyes stray to the table Rose occupied with her girls.

I look away and head to the server, grab my plate and was served.




The moment I turn, the plate slip out of my hand accidentally and the food splashes on the person behind me whom I collided with.

“Am so sorry! “I immediately said wanting to touch her but what I earn In return was a slap.
It stings that tears gush out of my eyes thanks to my gla**es which serve as a cover for people to even detect this.

“Don’t you dare touch me! ”
She barked. “You clumsy pauper! “

“Am sorry! ”
I still apologized again.




Everyone’s attention now diverted on us.

“You should change ma’am! ”
A young lady whom I presumed to be her maid dashed in and leading her away.

The girl glare back at me and mumbled some words.

I shut my eyes as I was still trying to gather myself.

I wonder why I’m clumsy at everything?
Always finding cause
to step on trouble.




Thank goodness Rose ignored as this drama went on cuz if she’d involve herself, I would have been a living dead by now.

Walking out of the cafeteria, I made way to the hallway with no reason though.

The moment the day ran off, I went home.
🔥Tyler 🔥

Descending the S-curved tiled stairs, I made way to the pool.
Not to swim though, just to feel its warmth.

I sat With my legs dip into it. The sweet warmth it sent to my body AR once circulates my system.

“You’re here! ”
I heard Mother’s voice.

She move closer and sat next to me just like how I was; her legs dip into the pool.

She took my hand, I glance at her and she smiles.




“Tell me, what’s happening? “

I kept quiet.
She has started again. Finding means to get words out of my mouth when she knows that I hate doing this talking stuff. I despise talking for a long time.

“So tell me! ” She speaks up again.

“Girl issue? “

I turned as she said this.

“It’s on you Tyler. You love someone! “

I gaze into the water, my lips took in.




“If you love someone, I advise you to hold on to them. Get her what she likes, get favorites Care for her and never take her for granted. You deserve to be love u sweetheart! It gladdens my heart that you’re finally going to get rid of this attitude of yours! ”
She smiled. “Take your time! “She added, kisses my cheeks before standing up and walk away.

I shut my eyes, the slow cool breeze blowing up my hair and this kind of resetting my heavy-loaded head.

I will be giving her the necklace, ‘ I told myself.
Done dressing, Anastasia dashes out. Today is actually her first day as a teacher in Beverly Hills and getting late is what she won’t love.
Few minutes to 6:30 am she was already on the way.
She grab a cab and the moment it stops in front of the school, she pile out, paid and walk in.




She brought out a hand mirror to re-dress her hair which she didn’t pay much attention to while dressing up at home.

She wasn’t looking straight and colliding into someone, the gla** fell.

“I’m sorry! ” She apologized bending to pick the gla**.

“Am so s……..! “

She trailed off when it down on her who the person is.




She stood motionless, just staring at him and that painful moment kept flowing back.
Why didn’t she find out that he is here? Why?

He like wise was shocked. Though, he heard that a new teacher was just employed but he wasn’t expecting the person to be her.

Collecting herself, she bashed her lashes and immediately walk hurriedly away. She look back to be sure If she’d seen

It’s actually him. It’s him.

🌴🌴Annaetasia 🌴🌴
“Are you okay ma’am? The man who was to attend to me queried.

“I’m fine! ” I replied. Still, under the influence of my seeing him earlier.



I’m replacing the person who is supposed to attend to you. He is not around so I’m fitting in with you. Well, as you work the school administration has decides to give you a car and an apartment “I nodded.

He continues….
“Your pay has been sent into your account! “

I nodded again.

You’ll have to follow me so you can be introduced to others. “

I follow him as he head out and walking down a pa**age. Turning to his left, he stopped before a door, press a b*tton and step in likewise I.

I palmed my hands together, clutching itto the tail of the top I wore.

“We’ve gotten a newbie amidst us, believe me she’s very good! ”
The man who walked me in said.

I glanced up and that moment my eyes met with his amidst the tons of people who sat round a long table.

“I’m Annastesia Dayle, I hope we can all work together to build and mold the lives of our students! “




After the introduction, I walkout
Was still walking way when that same voice came up.

“Why are you here? “

I ignored and keep on walking, increasingly pace a bit.

Suddenly, I felt him grab my arm and dragged me back to face him. “

What are you doing?! ”
I asked making sure not to raise my voice so as not to invite uncalled attention.

“Why are you here? ” He asked. “Ahm… Have you forgotten that this place is not for people like you, Natasie! “

I was weakened immediately that name ‘Natasie ‘ roll out of his lips.





He alone called me that and hearing it now, it slit me emotionally.

“I am here because I want to build lives” I began. “There are tons of lives that I’d love to build and design. Talking about that people like me aren’t expected here. Who do you think I am? “

“I’d advise you to back out of taking up this word cuz no one will want to have a who amidst his worker! “

My lips were immediately sealed by that word. My feet glued to the floor. Pain rampant and pervading everything in me..

That word really pierced into my heart and I could feel it bleeding and hurting profusely.

I was lost in my own world and wasn’t aware of the fact that I was crying until a salty liquid slip into my mouth.