Cinderella – A Girl In A Buggy Eye Glasses [Episode 7 & 8]


Cinderella – A Girl In A Buggy Eye Gla**es [Episode 7 & 8]
Cinderella – A Girl In A Buggy Eye Gla**es [Episode 7 & 8]




💕A Girl In A Buggy Eye Gla**es 💕




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Sorting through the tons of textbooks piled and well set in the bookshelves, Annastesia picked out some to study for the lesson She has.

“You even come here! ”
The voice emerge from behind and by that voice she knew who it is. But intentionally, she ignored still sorting through the textbooks though her system acting weirdly now.

Her hand was somehow quaking on the books stylishly.

“You’ve been good right?! ”
He added.




Knowing well that she can’t stand being here with him Anna turn to leave but he grab her wrist stopping her from leaving.

“Let me go! ” She yelped as she struggle to get his grip off her wrist. He was so strong to even bulge.

He has smirk plastered on his face.

“Coming to the library to get books aren’t meant for women like you! “

She immediately glance up at his eyes at that word.

“And I’m sure Library isn’t meant for animals if not humans ”
She break free from his hold and made her way to leave.

His next word “Bad woman! ” Made her halted.

She walked afterward. She wonders why this is happening to her?

Bumping into Tyler the moment she walk out of the library, the texts she was holding, fell.




“I’m sorry! “

Tyler who immediately went down to pick it said.

“Here! ”
He stretched out to her and collecting them from him, she walked off.

Just by that attitude, he could sense that something is actually wrong.

And that moment Chris walk out. Tyler casting him this rude glare walk away with this hands tuck in his pocket.

Walking into her office, Anna rest on her long table.

She remove her hair band, ruffling the brown hair.
Right there, she think of getting a cup of coffee as at that moment, she’s not okay.

Heading to the coffee shop, her mind was occupied. Getting to the coffee shop, she walk to the attendant.




“Roxie! “
She called when she become notice of her.

Looking up at her what came straight to Roxanne’s mind was what she heard the previous day. ‘I’m… not.. someone… you… can…. love… so… erase that…. baby feelings….. ‘

“Are you okay? “Anne who seems to notice the stares asked and she immediately look away.

“A cup of coffee please! ”
Anna said to the attendant who was requesting of her choice.

Roxie’s gaze was fixed on the coffee table, fiddling with her fingers.

“I will pay for us”
She heard.

It was then she look up.
“I can pay for myself! ” It came out more like a whisper.





“It’s okay! “
She grab her coffee after paying and right before her she walked out.

Rossie followed hasten her steps to meet up with her.

And when she finally do, “Thank you! ” She mumbled.

Anna only smile.

Each glances of Roxanne on her were filled with the thought of what she heard.

How can she be love by someone younger not only age but in everything…

“You haven’t really change Rossie! “

“uh? “

“I mean your clumsiness haven’t really change. It’s still the same as when you were in elementary “

“I need to…… go.. now! ”
Rossie excuses her self stuttering and walked off.
Rossie stood at the entrance of the library peeping in at Tyler whose head was on one of the library’s table which he was resting his head on.

She was contemplating on whether to go in OR not.

She has been standing by the entrance parading and peeping in.

Suddenly, someone push her in from behind.

She slip and fell right before Tyler’s table which he was resting his head on.

The voice erupting from this fall made him raise up his head.

Roxie embarra**esly bite her lower lips.




“Hey! “
She whispered slightly waving.

He stood up ignoring her but suddenly he halt and turn to her.

“You should treat your bleeding forehead! ”
With this words, he walked off.

She instantly clap a hand on her forehead and staring at the blood on her palm, she move her lips in a hiss.

She wiped off with her palm.
“Who does that? Releasing your love story to the public all because she jilted and cheat on you. Gosh! That’s just so childish! “

“Well, I’m sure he want her to feel the same pain he felt when he was cheated on. ”
Another student said.

“Are you saying Ms. Dayle was once Mr. Chris lover? ”
Another female student who just showed up asked.

“Seems you don’t know! “A cropped blonde hair girl remarked moving her eyes dramatically.

“Who would have think she is this promiscuous with that pretty innocent face. Such is life! ”
The first girl said.

“Where did you hear that from? ” The blonde hair girl asked.

“It has already circulate the school, just few students are left out to know about this! ” The second girl said.

“But he shouldn’t have gone around casting her to the public even among teachers in illustration and reference to in every of his talks ”
The cropped blonde hair girl said.




“Tyler is here! “
The first girl whispered to others and they all turn at once.

“Ty. .. ler! ”
They called nervously.

Tyler who has been hearing this since just stared at them and his lips took in.

“Are you sure about what you just said? “

The first girl nodded and immediately he dashed off leaving the girls in awe of what happened to him
Chris who was just walking to his car after the school closing, halt at the sight of Tyler who was standing by it..

Sighting hin, Tyler move away from his car and took a step closer to him.

“You’re such a child! ” He began. “Telling people about what your ex did. If you were valuable and responsible she wouldn’t have cheated on you”




“What???? “

“Even if truly she did, I’m expecting you as a man full of wisdom to wisely tackled it. ” He move closer again.

“You’re irresponsible if you don’t know. Treating her in such Way, you’re only hurting her and I bet you, you don’t know how much she’s hurting all because of you! “

“Why are you ranting kid? This shouldn’t concern you cuz its an adult issue or do you love her? “

“Yes! I love her! And I’m warning you, if you try to hurt her again, I’m going to slit your throat! ”
This more than a threat noting his voice.

Chris chuckled softly as he watched him walk off.

He crackled before moving in to his car. it’s a slap on his face that a kid just threatened him.
Springing up from the bed, Rossie rushed into the bathroom.




She’s late again today!

Done bathing, she dashed out and clad into any dress she could find.

She has a test and going to school late is another trouble she just land her self.

She did not even wait to brush her hair before grabbing her backpack and hurried out.

“I made breakfast already! ”
Her mother called after but she was gone already.

Luckily for her the test is yet to commence so she make use of that to sneak in and head to her seat.

The moment she settled down, the teacher walk in.

“You’re just coming in MS Rodney! “



“N… no! “

“You’re lying? I was here minutes ago and you were not on seat “


“I just want you to know that you’re late and that’s means whatever your score is at the end of the test will be five marks deducted “

“I’m okay with it “

“I don’t want your consent! “He chipped in.
The test soon end abs immediately the teacher exit the cla**, Tyler walked out and Roxanne followed.

She is not even sure if she’d written anything worth earning her marks.

“Tyler! “She called as she hasten her steps to meet up with him.

He didn’t halt neither is he slowing down his pace.
Rossie still followed regardless of where he might be heading to.

“Don’t follow! Stay back! ”
He coldly ordered without turning.

He continue walking, she still followed.

“Stop following me!dont you have ears? ”
He yelled angrily.




“Aiish! “
He ruffled his hair frustratedly.

“You’re just so annoying and always getting on my nerves, you’re making me hate you more! “

Uttering this, he continue his strolling and Rossie still following him and won’t stop talking even though he wasn’t answering nor giving her attention.

“Why have you come to a library? ” She questioned when he head to the library.
He moved in without responding. Roxanne attempting to walk in was shut out at the order of Tyler.

Seeing that she won’t be let in, she went down on the floor very close to the entrance door bringing her knees to her chest and her face buried in between.
Annastesia was still in her office, packing up to leave though it’s late already

Done with whatever she was doing, she pick her bag and walked out.
Locking the door, she turn and that instant her eyes met With that of Chris’s.

She decided to ignore and just leave. But as she turn to leave his next words stop her on her track.

“Isn’t this irresponsible of you, after seducing and going around with men, you decide to change course toward someone younger?! “”

He walked closer, his tempting smell now invoking in her ears as his breath could be felt.

“So shameless! A promiscuous woman shouldn’t be allow ed to live among humans. How low you stoop! ”
He spat before walking off.

Gazing at the direction he took, tears oozed out of her eyes. Does she deserve this? Never in her life has she be promiscuous!

Walking to her car while Tyler was standing not far from it.

“I will take you home! “He said the moment she walked closer.




“Go home! “She said raising her voice.

“Why can’t you just see this? Why can’t you just see how much I love you? Why can’t you just acknowledge that feelings?! ”
He yelled.

“Cuz I am not interested in a baby love! ” She yelled in returned. “I can’t go around with a baby! You’re still a kid, Tyler! “

“I’m a man besides, age is just a number as long as love is concerned. Just tell me, how older do I need to be, how cuterdo I need to be? How many more years should I clock before getting you! “

“Just go for someone of your age! “She says and turn to leave but he grab her wrist.

“Let me go! ” She yelled trying to break free from him.




“Why can’t you see that I’m a man?! “

“You’re not a man! To me you’re still a child and no matter how many years you clocked you will and continue be a child and not a man. Got it?! ”
With this, she hijack her hand and walk away leaving him in total disarray.

He stood motionless, those words from her stuck into his head and tears oozed out of his eyes immediately .

Rossie who has been waiting for him by the library entrance slept off at the process and when she finally open her eyes it’s already late and everyone had left.

She stood up, rubbing her eyes sleepily making her way out.

She halted the moment she got close to the parking lot and sighted the two and hot words combat.






She move out of her hideout I tears spurting out of her eyes too.

She move to him standing before him and staring at his tearful eyes and she said. “Tyler? I know it’s not your fault, it your heart. You shouldn’t have fallen for an older woman. She’s not of your age and can’t accept you. You should think of forgetting about her! “

“You’ve been eavesdropping? How pathetic of you to even think that I’d choose you because I was rejected. It can never be you and won’t be you no matter what. Not you in your blind state but that woman because she has been chosen! you smells! ”
He lashed out those hurtful words on her as his tears streamed down and he turn walking off.

Roxie’s tears slipped down and soon turn to a cry as she cried out loud moving to pick his car key which was on the floor. He’d forgotten and didn’t even took his car.

She went down squatting crying loudly with her heart hurting.