Cinderella – A Girl In A Buggy Eye Glasses Prom (End)

Cinderella – A Girl In A Buggy Eye Glasses Prom (End)
Cinderella – A Girl In A Buggy Eye Glasses Prom (End)


🌳🌳🌳P 🎂R 🎂O🎂M
🌟 🌟 🌟
N ❤💧❤G ❤H ❤T🌳🌳🌳

I wouldn’t have come to the prom whatever night but I have to if I want to kill the boredom.

The auditorium was already filled with students and you guess…. each with their lovers.

I sat down somewhere at an angle of the auditorium.

I only watch as the various events went on. even till the music competition began.

“Hey guys I’m Vanessa Hudgens and I will be singing a song dedicated to my boyfriend Drake titled “LOVING YOU MORE”
That’s how more people go up the stage and sing. until there was no one else to sing.

I was dank, the emotional trials pervade my whole self. I could feel my tears spurting out and the emotion at the verge of bursting out. Unaware, I find myself stood up advancing closer to the stage, I walk up standing before the microphone.

“Your Father Is dead… He fell while trying to stop the house leakage…. “That night mom broke Dads death to me kept rushing back into my memory. His burial and funeral. The lonely adventure and journey of life with mother who missed him so much as I do.

Those misfortunes I have been carrying on my neck. The beginning of the love story with him, the break up. Those memories brought tears as I tightly shut my eyes and sing.

🎼It’s so lonely walking alone in midst of shredding stones 🎼At your promise to stay by my side till the end of you left leaving me to continue the journey pretending to be strong when I am feeble to carry on.
🎼Deadly as serpent piercing like sword, that’s how your unfulfilled promised seems to my heart

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Refrain; 🎤Here, I’ve come to a bus stop, ready to stop and backward the walk. I kept wishing…. wishing…. wishing…. and wishing but those wishes were just as a baggage of trash. Won’t you come back to console? Won’t you appear to wipe off those tears? 🎤

🎼They bleed for you, those heart really does. 1🎼It hurts more to accept the fact that you are gone to ever been seen.
🎼No one needs me, no one wants me just you alone does. I’m inferior to some, to some I’m a play toy… won’t you quench the thirsty heart yearning for you. Fill the hole s…fill it up. She’s at the verge of shrugging them all off at wanna throw them away but those thoughts of you won’t give in….

I ran off the stage regardless of the cheers and standing ovation given.

I’m more than broken. The fact that I killed him can’t be eradicated. I should have got home early that night to help him did the blockage of the leakage when it rained. If I was home on time, he wouldn’t have died.

“You killed him Roxanne you killed that innocent man!!!!!!! ” I screamed in to the air with tears. I angrily

took off my glasses, tossing it away as I cried more now, in total darkness. My sight is gone.
“TYou are not okay yet Tyler you can’t go”

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“I’m fine mom. I’m okay! “He argued.

“You can’t, Tyler….. “His mother tried to persuade him to stay back at home but he won’t give in. He really wanted to be at the prom night.

After much persuasion, his mother finally give in but he was to promise not to cause himself any harm and safely drive which he did and set off.

Getting to the school, he head straight to the auditorium and the school hall which is used for P. N.
The singing Anne was who he sighted on the stage. Her eyes shut as she melodiously sing with tears streaming down.

He never knew she has this cool nice angelic voice. The wordings of the song is just so emotional that it brought tears to hid s eyesHe wonder how much shes hurting.

She ran out after ending the song he follow her. He watched her cried, screaming and yelling tearfully in pain. She was hurting, he added to it and now he’s guilty for that.

It’s time to man up…….

I move closer and squat before her. She wasn’t on her glasses anymore, she threw it off minutes ago.

Thank goodness I got lenses on my way down here.

Sighting me, she stood to leave but I was quick to hold her back.

What do you think you are doing?! “She yelled. Her eyes fierce now and this I haven’t ever witnessed of her.
“I know I hurt you, let’s be together again “

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“What do you take me for? A fool? A play toy? What do you think of me?!!! We are no longer together and get that?!!! “

“I’m dying, Xanne! ” She calm down a bit, worry on her face.
“I was diagnosed of leukemia “

Her eyes widened with shock.

“It’s still in its early stage so something can still be done, a surgery .I was scared of losing you and have you worried about me, so I thought breaking up with you is the best solution but I’ve come to realize that I can’t live without you, Xanne. I need you now I need you so much now Xanne. I love you and I’m sorry for hurting you, I want you back! “

She couldn’t resist him now. Tears slide down He pulled her into his arm, hugging her tightly.

“Wanna hear who wins the competition? “He wiped off her tears and lead her back to the hall.

“So the winning award goes to Roxanne Rodney! “The announcement came with a loud cheer afterward.

Go for it Roxie! *
Go for it Roxie!

The shout fill everywhere. She glanced at Tyler who gave her this warm, assuring smile.