Clavish – Blue Plate Lyrics

Clavish – Blue Plate Lyrics
Clavish – Blue Plate Lyrics


Blue Plate Lyrics By Clavish

Eatin off a blue plate thinkin bout Nobu, Novi Hakka,
n***** had me feelin mash up, that’s another pendin mazza,
Tell the label I’m a real n**** doin what I’m rappin,
& if n***** say I’m not boy I promise you they’re wa**in,

I ain’t stressin bout no girl holdin it down,
When I touch road imma be rollin around,
I got so much beef I can’t be a vegetarian,
Explainin to the catch 22 I ain’t scared of them,

Explainin to probabtion when I’m home I’m patterned,
Got like 5 labels tryna get me on the wagon,
You’re not down when it’s crunch time you’re known to panic,
Don’t call him crash cause he crashes cars he’s known to crash it I got,

My cell mate loves cookin so I whip it barely,

I’m on my 1’s, but they put me on the 3’s G wing,
Govs Sayin no exercise for me,
They think I’ll get into beef,
But I’m waitin till I’m free,
Then I’ll slide up on the 3 with the 4’s quick maths,

I score points anytime I pop a door big facts,
I got a joint in my DM small tits big back,
If I take without payin I ain’t doin give backs I’m like,
Jadon Sancho on the wing but I’m soon back,

I’m in a Volkswagen polo wit 2 straps,
Just me, myself & I,
I heard n***** started snitchin but I’m not surprised,
I might cop a TT just to buss the lights,

& keep my eyes peeled cause there’s jakes on the strip,
I rap street sh*t but now I’m basically lidge,
I’m basically lit,
Nah I don’t sell drugs baby girl I buy food then I make me a drink,

Issa smoothie, she loves runnin her mouth in her runners she a cutie,
9/10 on a bad day normal,
She wants all my unreleased songs on her phone like say I ain’t bout to drop rap game awful,

Eatin off a blue plate, dropped couple n***** out cause we weren’t on the same page or even in the same book,
f*ck a new batch I’m on a glizzy wit the same crooks,
Them n***** rep the 16 wrong that’s why we don’t get along,

I just wanna land road,
comin home to pull strings without playin the banjo,
& I made 6 figures clean without the bando,
Now the traps jealous of my lyrics cause that’s how I did it,
2 rambos in Nando’s that’s how I’m livin,
& I wish I was kiddin but I’m not,
I swear it feels like there’s 48 hours in a day in the jailhouse so I stopped lookin at the clock,

But I’m eatin off a blue plate,
Thinkin bout a top taste,
Used to be a cla** clown never had no top grades,
You can get a shot face,
Just for tryna watch face,
Now you got a face shot,
Now you can’t FaceTime,

Could’ve been in jail for couple cheffins in the daytime,
Eatin off a blue plate could’ve been a 8 9,
You’re always tryna rush sh*t learn how to take time,
Stick before the day date just in case they wanna take mine,

Still got Kim & Ray J re up don’t relax,
Tryna put your woman crush Wednesday on her knee caps,
I don’t need feedback, 10 for a 16 but I used to run round town wit a G pack,
Eatin off a blue plate, the jail tings meady,
Fans on the landin the rap scene need me,
I was b*nged up like sh*t they need to free me,
More money than any stokey you so I’m cheeky,