Come Play Naija Car Final Winner 15,000,000 Cash Season 1

Come Play Naija Car Final Winner
Come Play Naija Car Final Winner


Final Winner of Come Play Naija Car, Cash of 15,000,000 Season 1.

Debby won the Come Play Naija Game show in the finale of the 2022 reality game challenge it was a competition of the titans as 39 players walked in playing for the car prize and cash prize of N15,000,000 in the season 1 finale of the Come Play Naija.
The battle to win the car lasted for over 10 hours and three players were left standing and Debby was the last person standing.
After 9 hours in the play for the finale, the game was switched to a different dimension by placing the ball on their left hand and Yomi was the first to leave after one of his balls fell off.
Two was left playing with tension before Somto fell off and Debby was declared the winner of the car and N15,000,000.

Debby Come Play Naija Winner

The Come Play Naija game show can be called the money show as we are wowed with millions going out to the winner and viewers/fans of the Come Play Naija show in Nigeria in season 1.
Somto and Yomi got N1,500,000 each for making it to the top 3 of the Come Play Naija 2022.

Congratulation to Debby for prevailing as the Come Play Naija 2022 season 1.

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