Cubana chief priest finally reacted to Brother Kelvin’s statement

Cubana Chief Priest
Cubana Chief Priest


The famous bartender, the Cubana chief priest, finally responded to Brother Kelvin (the man who was snatched by Maria from BBNaija) after going online to also call him.

It should be remembered that we previously wrote about how Brother Kelvin went out to tell the Cuban high priest to go into the drag session and leave Mary alone, All this hype came after the famous bartender yelled at Maria from BBNaija for snatching his sister’s husband and also threatened her to get out of the marriage.

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The challenge was hosted by an online drama series, and Brother Kelvin rushed to Maria’s defense as he claims that the head priest of Cuba should answer him, adding that he has some information about his romantic antics.

However, the legendary bartender proceeded out to give his condition to answer Kelvin’s brother, saying that he needs to be paid in pounds before he gives any answer.