Deante’ Hitchcock – All My Children Lyrics

[Deante’ Hitchcock – All My Children Lyrics]

Getting here cost me a lot but this feeling is priceless
Don’t know how much life I got left but I’m living it righteous
Plenty nights I spent just tryna get a grip on my vices
Knowing Even Stevie wonder seen a few m’s in his life its
A Couple things I still gotta figure out
Word to 2Chainz I spent a big amount
Of all my spare time
Registering with changes

I made to deal with doubts
But when you on a different path you gotta take a different route
Iknow My destination
Amazing graces
Gracious for the fact
I’m in spaces where God’s playing favorites

Maybe it’s my lack of discernment hurting my transformation
Why In the fuck would I worry though the greatest
Whole team
Standing in the green
This shit look like we been been mowing lawns
Court side at staples you would think we know Lebron

At war with the stars in here feeling like Obi Wan
Fr Went from dancing at dem shows wit rami n terrence
To my music blaring cross the world
You can put us side by side but there’s no comparing
Y’all just not as good
I mean I’m new to fatherhood but that shit been apparent

Ok That boi got it fr
Remember nights we couldn’t eat now we got a few mil
No filler on the album cue up how does it feel
They tryna find my Achilles I want dat house on the hill
I want it all

Shit They want the old me
Shit is funny cause n***** Don’t even know me
Being real I was scared to put dis out low key
Til a n**** who ain’t got hoes tried to hoe me
Hetold me

Y’all wouldn’t want an album fulla love songs
why when it’s sumn everybody feel
And I’d much rather talk bout how I love these hoes then to spend a whole album tryna tell you that I’m
So I ain’t gangsta as a Gucci or thugga boi

Dat drac on me tho certified lover boy
Ants can’t tell bees how to make no honey
So a broke N**** can’t tell me how to make no money
How I’m not gon make love songs wit a bitch dis bad
How hating not gon fuel me up when da shit dis gas

Shawty…..if I said that I ain’t care I’d be lyin
But how somebody wit no heart mad cause I’m bearing mine
So fuck you to the people who just couldn’t see it
And fuck me for the moments where I was here agreeing
Imposter syndrome just a part of being genius
I’m so Fye sometimes I can’t even believe it

Seeing this shit from the other side
how folks brown nose for the green make me wish I was color blind
I got signed and my mother cried like my brother died
Living out my dreams and I ain’t even close my eyes
Don’t rush this shit n**** trust this shit

Motherfuck a risk
Done lolli gagging I popped without all the sucka shit
Even tho this game high stakes I can’t get enough of it
That’s why I do a job well done no matter how tough it get
Yo wildest dream just another check on my bucket list
Live yo life my n**** you can’t be scared to

I got some patnas who died that never got the chance
And know some others who still living that’s dead to
I Picked up a pencil look where it led me
Out here breaking records like I’m Greg street
I knew when I started back when my hair was parted up like the Red Sea
With the words I was gon excel fuck a spread sheet

I can’t do no 9 to 5 n***** ain’t paying
Enough to feed my soul I ain’t playin
Dropped outta school boi my family cued up them blank faces
But the only statements I care bout right now is bank statements
life is just a stage

On which we make a wage
The actors underpaid
I mean but hey
Guess that’s just The price of fame the
director stay the same

But over time the cast will change
So break a leg or you’ll get cast again
My n****
Cause God just someone that I ain’t met yet
And a long life is just a death threat

So imma love
And fuck it imma live
And imma give itall til it’s nothing left to give
Put that on my kid

Deante’ Hitchcock – Callin’ All My Children Lyrics