Dessa – Talking Business Lyrics

Talking Business Lyrics By Dessa

Champagne, fake name
Number on a napkin
Check please, room key
More coke for the captain

Lipstick on the filter
Sign out on the door
Seven hours till turndown
Services on the second floor

Knock knock, ten o’clock
Housekeeping with breakfast
Awe, shock, coffee hot
Airborne in the French press

Facedown on the bedspread
Color nearly half dead
Still recognizable as a regular guest

Missing wallet, missing watch
Something in his Tumbler
Probably stronger than
The double scotch

Dizzy talk with busy cops
But no mentioning the paperwork
Of the stash cost
The cash losses

No prints, only hint
Blonde wig in the bathtub
APB on radio
State patrol on the back up

Nothing on my register
No plates on the rental car
Needle in the hay
Girl, like a shadow in the dark

But nine miles away
In the bathroom at a Texaco
Color contact lenses, freehand freckles
Money in the pantyhose

Ten minutes from SFO
Cop at the counter
With a photo of a
Brown-eyed girl in different clothes

Cash fare, ride share
Taxi to the airport
Gate Five, on time
Baggage just a Jansport

Business cla**, so rum and cola
Guiltless sleep till Mexico then
On the beach like any other
Rich resort is doctor’s orders

Talking business

Room service
Evening paper and a mai tai
English version
Color picture, two-inch headline

Jane Doe versus Kingpin
Drama at a local hotel
Suspect in the wind

Drug money missing
As much as half a million
Like an inside job
Just too much intel for civilians

Bills in a backpack
Untrackable, all cash
Flight risk highly likely
Solo female on the Lamb

Back at the residence
Bedtime for the Kingpin kids
Mommy on the tuck-in shift
Lights out, now goodnight kisses

White lie for little princess
Daddy on a business trip
Then frantic phone calls to the lawyers
a**et shelters, audit risks

Talking business

No call, no show
Nanny girl still M-I-A
Slow drawl, plain clothes
But never ever out a day

Mommy at the changing station
Weak knees with the revelation
Teddy on the top shelf
Stuffing out, decapitation

Lens in its belly gone
Day and night, always on
Disemboweled nanny cam
Now nanny with the upperhand

Unforced error
Silly Daddy, such a fool
Barely there but still this fumbling
With the household golden rule

No talking business
No talking business in the baby’s room
No talking business
No talking business in the baby’s room