Dessa – Terry Gross Lyrics

Terry Gross Lyrics By Dessa

Ever since I was a little predator
Mom’s like, don’t get ahead of her
I was on the hunt for something better than the regular
And I knew there was candy at the register
So not about to settle for the vegetables.

Full-grown, still got a sweet tooth
Still, tryna climb all the walls I can see, you
take your influences wichoo,
everywhere you go.
Mine were Carmen Sandiego
Lauryn Hill and Terry Gross.

But I’ve been playing hard to keep:
Kiss and teleport
Dark roots where the bleach won’t reach
Man, that’s gotta be a metaphor
But I’m still tryna storyboard it

Call me back if it’s important
If you’re looking for me
On this Tinder sh*t about partners in crime
Seems like Bonnie’s working little harder than Clyde
When it comes to the heist, doesn’t feel like a partnership
Cuz my accomplice is completely incompetent.


Two bars walk into a joke.
First is a gold bar, other is soap.
Yo, lemme get the punchline I’m worth most
Gold says with a gla** too full to toast
But Soap makes her voice go real low
Leans close

Rarely one to go boast
But when the banks hit the b*tton, the credit goes down to nothing,
And the flood waters come in, then let’s see who floats.
Watch for unintended consequences—those you don’t see
The initials of your girlfriend could kill the f*cking oak tree.
Nothing in my pocket but the body heat
Travel light, and mind your manners, man
That’s my foreign policy.

I’m that Netflix chick,
See the pieces on the ceiling—
The strategy above me
All the moves when I’m competing:
I’ll arrive by lightning bolt
Leave by cannonball
The china’s fine, man
The bull’s mechanical


A base hit is the son of a pitch
A tanning bed is the sun of the rich.
Son, keep your knuckles up, front of the fists
Don’t go broke, looking for something to fix