diepcity Season 1: Lerato went into relationship with Bafana

Lerato went into relationship with Bafana
Lerato went into relationship with Bafana

Lerato is no saint, but we would like to think she went into her relationship with Bafana with nothing but good intentions. Smanga was a long-forgotten thought when she met Bafana and she saw a chance for new love. It is not her fault her uncle is a gun-wielding gangster who had big plans to rob her fiancé’s family-owned car dealership.

Bafana on the other hand, was a walking talking red flag from the moment he spotted Lerato. Below are all the signs Lerato missed:

  1. He lied about knowing Nox

Remember when Bafana walked into the workshop for the very first time and saw Nox and acted like he had never seen her in his life? The truth could have set him free on that day, but he chose to lie.

  1. He never takes no for an answer

One thing about Bafana, he always gets his way. Chalk it up to his wealthy upbringing but the man is very pushy and will stop at nothing to get his way.


  1. He is a little too flirty

Who could forget the day Bafana organized an interview for the Wrong Turns then proceeded to flirt with the journalist right in front of his fiancé? He also made no effort to stop her condescending remarks towards Lerato.

  1. He continued to sleep with her best friend

Perhaps not telling the truth could have been forgiven if he had stopped his illicit relations with Nox, but he just continued and that became another secret.
Can you think of any other red flags we may have missed about Bafana?